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Tuesday, February 28, 2006'♥

LOR MEE.....

Im so tired now.. super tired.. as im typing this blog i was pratically closing my eyes... Thank God that ITE learn Keyboarding skills..

Im so tired tat im so lazy to pack my luggage...haiz..dunno la tmr then pack la..argggghhh.. finally dragged my feet to TM so as to change money.. tmd.. the best offer i can get is 23.9 thai baht.. so MR A kao ni le.. pls dun throw face hor..

I soooooosoosososososoosos feel like eating Lor Mee these few days.. damn it.. chai chee doesnt have nice LOR MEE.. sobs sobs.. whoever who buy Lor Mee for mi.. i will marry him..

Dunno wad shit im typing le.. hao le.. i got to go reflect wall le..byez..

With Love, 10:02 PM

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