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Wednesday, February 15, 2006'♥


I'm angry rite now.. angry with who?? READ on..

I reached home.. and weisi was telling mi.. :"shirley mummy.. jie jie hor know how to blow bubbles lei.. she know how to eat bubblegum lei." And that Zhiying dare to blow one bubble infront of mi..

The issue now is not tat i hate ppl who eat bubblegum.. the issue now tat is.. SHE is onli 8 years old.. and she is lying through her TEETH.. she dare to tell mi she bought tat bubblegum from sch when i question her.. Oh pls dun tell mi schools in Singapore sells.. WATERMELON flavour Bubblegum huh??

Im not angry tat she took my bubblegum.. seriously im not. wad im angry is tat she still dare to eat bubblegum infront of mi when she stole mine.. she still dare to tell mi tat she nv took mine.. when half of it was gone.. since i came back from JB.. im nt at home doesnt mean im blind.. cant even see HALF OF IT IS gone huh? she still dare to ask wei si come in and lie for her.. TMD im damn pissed lor..

If she asked mi for it obviously i would gif to her.. and weisi.. i had already thinking of giving them just tat im nt at home these few days.. wad im angry and super pissed rite now is tat.. How can be she lying at such a young age.. how can she still deny her actions..

Mind u.. before this.. she had oredi been taking small things from her frens.. toys.. sweets.. i mean how can she be such a thief and liar when she had so much pocket money per day.. I SIMPLY HATE her attitude man.. so tell mi wad would happen when she is older?? be a ah lian and exhort money from ppl??

Seriously educating a child is veri important.. even u work so hard gif them so much money to spend.. also no use.. the most impt thing is to impart them wit the RITE and WRONG.. i seriously hope HER DAD is reading this entry...pls spend more time wit ur kids ok.. i dun wan my weisi to get influenced by her SISTER..

Maybe this is onli a small matter to you guys.. but i seriously dun like ppl to lie to mi.. i always tell myself.. even though i might not be able to take the truth.. but i will try.. i dun like the feeling of being lied by someone.. damn..

PLS dun ever lie to mi.. i rather know the truth..

With Love, 7:50 PM

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