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Tuesday, February 21, 2006'♥



I was listening to Kelly's Pan jiali's new song.. AI WU LI..

When Baby Weisi came in to my room, humming together with the song.. i asked her y u know how to sing?? I nearly fainted at her reply....

Me: Wei y u know how to sing?

Baby: Aiyah, tv got show so many times...

Baby: U know hor, this song about Kelly broke up wit her bf so she sing lor..

Me: U sure anot..

Baby: Yes la.. i even saw the advertisement ..she wear blue colour the raincoat..(MTV cos she dunno wad is it)ni do bu zhi dao ah.. aiyooo..sua khoo


I was browsing my fren's wedding phots where.. Baby Weisi came in again..

Baby: wa ur fren got married ah?

Me: Yalor..

Baby: Y all ur fren get married le? (she saw a few of my fren's wedding photos before)

Me: How i know? they happy can liao lor...

Baby: *Gives me a sacarstic look* Then y u haven married? Ur fren all married le lei.. Faster go marry if not u old old liao.. even uncle oso dun wan u...

Me: Totally Stunned at the reply

Tell mi.. is that wad a 5 1/2 kid should be talking abt? When im her age.. i onli know how to colour my colouring book.. damn..kids nowadays.. ARE TOOO CLEVER LE... i sank into the realm of depression after talking to my baby.. sobz sobz

With Love, 9:01 PM

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