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Sunday, February 12, 2006'♥

I'm BLESSED... With You Guys Around..

I wanna praise my daddy here today.. I was at home rotting..probably he knew tat i got NO money to go out.. he bought mi ROJAK while im there surfing the net.. was shocked.. if u know my dad..u would get shocked too.. WHY??

He is a veri veri not sensitive de DADDY.. he wont say out he loves u directly in ur face.. if u had a bad day he cant read ur face instead he pester u more.. as in ask u questions that is veri irrelevant which he oredi knew the ans himself... BUTTTTTTT.. he shows out his love by trying to entertain u wit his gong gong JOKES.. by out of a sudden buying u things which u least expected it.. and tats my dad..although he had a quick temper.. but he is fast to forget it.. im blessed wit a daddy like him.. although we sometimes will quarrel but i know he still loves mi no matter wad harsh words i said to him in the past.. im srry daddy.. i LOVE you too...

Although i might be poor for this mth.. coz of many debts tat is yet to be cleared.. but GOD is nt unfair.. he blessed mi with frens who are always there for mi.. frens who offer to help mi..frens who listen to my problems..

MR A.. finally its ur turn liao hor..long-awaited.. he offer to lend mi some money for my Bangkok trip.. even though he is nt wking now.. well.. i realli appreciate u in my heart.. even though our relationship is a LOVE HATE relationship (just jking) u still willing to help mi.. im realli thankful...hehe..

Bullshit... i tink u urself oso in debt..yet u offer to help when i most needed it..thanks for all the care and concern.. and i nv doubt ur sincerity at all...

Mr Paul.. i said wad i wanna said last nite.. tks for always treating mi these and that... but the best is if you could.. (gif mi ur mickey mouse shirt) tat would be the best hahaa...

Chelsia.. ur the best sis i ever had.. no matter how much i suan u.. u still wants it more.. i thank God for a sis like u.. ya nice being poor together wit u..

Ms han.. i also dunno y are u included here.. but ya although we are in the same shitty situation..thanks for listening to my complaints always.. thanks for being as usual da sai... May u dai sai always...

Im a blessful ger am i?? I got so much good frens around mi. tat means i shld be happy and not sad.. I shld be positive.. wo hui de.. da jia xie xie ni men de guan xing....This mth i might not be able to go shopping so much.. no more clubbing and chilling out le..no more my FAV SAKAE sushi le.. but nvm Lao niang shi ke yi ke fu zhe yi qie de...

Lord.. although i may sow in tears.. but i trust You tat i may reap in joy.. pls bless those who bless mi.. although they dunno the real reason of the SOWING part.. Lord i pray tat You will lift mi through this season.. and i pray that more BLESSINGS will come.. Amen.

With Love, 3:32 PM

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