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Sunday, February 05, 2006'♥

I Love You...

Do not despise the power of these three words.. "I LOVE YOU" quoted from I NOT STUPID TOO.. yeah watch it yst midnite finally with MR PAUL.. heard from ppl tat its gonnna be TOUCHING..but stubborn mi die die dun believe.. coz last time ppl oso say KING KONG touching ma.. i went in without bringing tissue.. darn...who knows tears literally rolled down my cheeks at the ending of the movie.. duhz.. my eyeliner was smudge lor.. and i look like a CLOWN.. damn.. luckily after watching its 2 plus.. so we just took a cab home.. pls go and watch this show if u haven't its nice lor.. and its worth 9.50..

I hate FLYING CROAKOACHES(dunno wad stupid spelling la)let's call it MR XIAO QIANG.. i was the surfing the net the day before.. its ard 2am... then suddenly flew in from my window.. guess wad.. BIG BROWN WINGS.. and a BIG BODY.. MR Xiao Qiang came to visit me.. damn it... normal one still ok..bUT I HATE FLYING de.. its so scary.. i had no choice but to wake up my mama who is in her dreams at that time le..AFTER some fighting wit MR Xiaoqiang...MAMA won..and flushed MR Xiao Qiang 1 into the toilet bowl...

CASED CLOSED.. i went back to sleep with a smile... at around 6plus in the morning.. i felt itchy on my knee.. so i just use my hand and scratch it.. to my amaze...the thing flew away.. fluttering.. and I OPEN MY EYES and tried to find it.. i switch on the lights.. and found nothing.. thinking it's just a stupid mosquito.. i turned my back to swtich off the LIGHTS.. tats when i saw MR XIAO QIANG 2...hur hur.. and it knew how to fly too..arrrrfggghhh.. MAMA went to work at that time.. i had no fighter.. i just sat there..looking at MR xiaoqiang 2.. grandma woke up.. and tot im mad sitting down. tats when i tot of grandma as the fighter.. but the min she came in.. MR xiaoqiang 2 FLEW OUT.. arghhh. i quickly closed my door..went back to sleep..with no smile..

Its so difficult to sleep not at ease when u know somewhere out there in some corner of ur house.. MR xiao qiang is wandering around.. damn.. after tat i nv saw him anymore.. but daddy told me this moring..that he managed to find MR xiao qiang 2 hopefully its HIM.. and killed it.. BRavo DADDY.. haha...

PLS MR Xiaoqiang 2 dun bring any of ur buddies back here for a party or revenge thank you..

Anyway its had been decided tat..NEXT SAT.. the four of us will go JOHOR shopping.. so SHITTY CLUB MEMBEr.. no more unforseeen circumstances ok.. tks for ur coorperation.. we will mit at KRANJI.. hmm i oso dunno.. must ask our tour guide mr paul first.. oh ya changing money at WOODLANDS then we go in.. remember to bring passports wor..hehe tats abt all..we shall all chat in msn on FRIDAY NITE.. buai buai

With Love, 11:29 AM

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