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Thursday, February 02, 2006'♥


I feel so full rite now....went wit Selyn to SAKAE for dinner..yesh SAKAE again..im simply mad on JAP FOOD nowadays..esp SALMON fish.. tats the onli fish i love in the whole earth...if u notice tat i dun eat fish at all..haha..NO BONES..soft..sweet and tender..omg..

Mama went to watch I NOT STUPID TOO...walao.. she keep tempting mi.. keep saying the whole show is so TOUCHING.. argghh lao niang buay tahan le.. THEN...MR PAUL aka FABIAN msned...and DATE MI OUT>.whooohoo..so we are going to watch tat SHOW on SAT nite..after my church..yeah yeah yeah.. whoever who said tat SINGAPORE show are onli worth watching in VCD im going to slap their frens..

Oh ya..have been planning a BATAM or JOHOR trip wit my two beloved SHITTY CLUB member..hopefully this outing will turn out to be a success going on 11FEB..one day nia..will come back at night..who wanna join us?? PAUL will be going wit us.. coz we need his PROTECTION.. he so MACHO ma..ya(bullshit) haha he is going there to help us carry our stuffs lor..and if gt anything happen he will be our LAO DA>.haha.. i simply love him man.. MALE MARIA OF THE CENTURY wohoo..

Congrats to BULLSHIT in winning ur soccer match.. so u can buy UZAP for mi soon le hor.. hehe..

The shadows are slowly drifting away from mi..

With Love, 11:10 PM

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