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Saturday, February 18, 2006'♥

Fisherman Village...

I so so so so so so want to go to Fisherman Village.. It's been so long since i went there, the last time was with mijie.. i just broke up wit HIM then.. tmd so fast oredi seven mths le.. For those sua khoo out there.. oops i mean.. those who dun live near here.. Fisherman Village is located at Pasir Ris Park.. its beside the sea.. there is a whole stretch of chill out places.. lighted wit candles.. so romantic hor..and not to mention nice nice songs.. I loved there..last time when i bad mood.. always go there.. but dunno y.. since i worked i seldom go there le.. SOOOOO i wished to go there tonite..with who??? with my ai ren la.. the one who is so siao of fisherman oso.. CHELSIA CHAN hahaha...

Who say i got no flowers for V-day?? haha no flowers but i got JING SHA...lol.. Tks to whoever who gave mi tat.. sweet.....haha

I remembered that day i posted abt this:

If you ever know the ending.. would u start in the first place? If you ever know the consequences, would u ever commit the same mistakes??

Below is wad Ms Han post:

My ans to her qns :

I would start even if knew the ending in da first place. What matters to me is the process of being together. not the ending. =D
Sometimes, we tend to think too deep into some situations. ending is what we cant predict nor planned. So why not relax and enjoy the time being together?

If i had known the consequences earlier, who would wan to commit the same mistakes again? sighs. we are afterall human beings. Stubborn creatures.. =X

To MS Han..

No wonder we are cousins.. haha our thinking are abt the same lol...

Well i tink i owed u guys an answer ba..

My ans would be....

If i ever know the ending.. i would still start in the first place.. same as wad Ms Han had said.. its the process.. if i'm happy throughout the process.. y not?? Afterall.. isn't life all about being happy?? U onli lived once.. even though the ending might not be pleasant.. but at least ur happy before rite?? Im those ppl who bu zai hu tian chang di jiu.. zhi zai hu cen jing yong you.. My motto in life is: "Do what ur happy with and nv regret."

Regarding the second part.. well if i ever know the consequences would i still make the same mistakes?" Yes humans are stubborn.. sometimes we already know what would happen yet..we still commit the same mistakes.. its seems that the effects of the consequences suddenly blinded our eyes and minds.. foolishness ba.. if tats wad ur tinking off..

But after all.. which human doesn't make mistakes.. its abt how u manage to get out of the situation and get up to live ur life again....

Conclusion: Life is short.. live ur life wit no regrets.. do not be afraid to make mistakes... and most importantly.. kai xing jiu hao.....

Im happy are u??

With Love, 12:14 PM

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