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Tuesday, February 07, 2006'♥

DO RE MI....

Was still feeling quite sick today.. but still i went to work.. coz there is still alot of work to be done.. somemore im taking leave on fri so i dun wan to take anymore leave le..Srry to Joweyn suppose to mit u for BUGIS wor.. haha so mit tmr wor.. dun forget haha..

Taking off on Friday.. so as to go apply for poly.. dunno this time can make it anot..and i still dunno should i work or study.. just apply and see how ba.. Shu fen will be joining mi too.she took half day too dunno go where so she will be following mi back to BISHAN to collect my COM cert..damn i hate it man..in the end still haf to go back to TP.. or maybe NP.. Ms Tupperware pls stand outside NP and HUANG YING wo ba haha..

The onli thing tat makes mi happy today is.. someone told mi he is going to buy UZAP for mi.. for VDAY present.. i kept pestering him.. but joke joke la.. then today suddenly he msged mi said he will buy.. oh well..we shall see how ba.. UZAP wo lai le..hehe..

No no no he haven dated mi for vday yet.. so now im still free.. anyone wants to pity mi.. to haf dinner wit mi on VDAY?? It's a cruel day for singles like mi.. pls sent all the flowers to my office too hahaha.. i'll pay u back..heard it MS Han?

The whole office was so hot.. stupid air con still nt ok yet.. so everyone of us went to the storeroom and snatch the fans.. yeah..managed to get the best man.. then this "AHEM WOMAN" came and told my supervisor.. hmm our side no fan lei..so hot.. (kns who ask u to be so slow..ppl take liao then u want)...arrggh..thank GOD my supervisor fight for us.. then poor woman go back wit a small small fan.. bleh who ask u always think ur the Queen of the DEPT.. duhz.. "we better lock my fan wit a password." says milk haha i seriously think we must lor..

Orite le...laoniang haf to go find all my certs and put them in a folder le..hopefully and i pray hard i can find all of them..wit none missing.. PLS KEEP ALL UR STUFFS PROPERLY...dun be like mi..always last min panic..hee...

With Love, 7:26 PM

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