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Saturday, January 07, 2006'♥


After reading what MISS TUPPERWARE blog.. me too..feel quite affected by it.. so i tink i shall blog abt it too.. but mine would be longer coz.. i got TWO PRIMARY schools and a sec sch wor..haha


Mama enrolled mi in Pearl's Hill Primary School (does'n exist anymore le..hehe) as its near my hse..take abt 15 mins plus climbing the hill as we need to climb a veri LONG stairs leading up to the hill..power rite..imagine i did tat everyday haha..NOW wo shi da mei nu le..lol..But the very next day.. she opted out of the sch.. in her heart she felt tat the student there all veri naughty and the sch is a veri old sch...and MOST IMPT she will faint everyday climbing the HILL haha..so here i am out of sch..coz the principal said if we wanted to go back she won't gif us a chance le..

CLEVER mama..dunno heard from who.. decided to enrol mi in Zhangde Primary School which is abit far..at Silat Ave there..but its a good sch tat many ppl wanted to enrol...DUE to overwhelming response, the principal haf no choice but to pick lots.. and tats it if i nv get it...i tink i will study at some stupid ulu sch.. BUT WE GOT IT!!! Mama was so happy with herself and i can see the joy in her eyes..to mi was no BIG DEAL AT ALL..

So here i am first day in sch.. brought along my honey water..which leads to alot of ANTS.. i tink everyone is laughing at mi..WAD A GEEK..haha..i forgot who is my pri 1 classmates le..coz mama die die wan mi be in the morning session when pri 2 i suppose to be in afternoon le..so i lost contact wit pri 1 frens..anyway i wld nv forget a GUY..forgot his name..but i tink i told him im going back BATAM..guess wad the next day he bought me a veri nice stationery holder...NICELY WRAPPED hor.. omg..im so touched..but too bad lao niang nv saw him in sch often coz he in afternoon session ma..

Primary 3 onwards i got my own clique of frens le....my best fren is SUET YUN whose dad is those TROPHY MAKERS..mama is wking she cant bring mi back from the swimming lesson..and SUET YUN de dad is veri veri good de..he offered to bring mi and suet yun back to the office and we played there..when mama is back from work he would then send mi home..SUPER NICE RITE?? and often he would buy food for mi oso..he nv shows favouritism everyone got the same food.. and suet yun got a veri veri chubby cute sis call SHI MIN..so cute lor..but we nv contact le..after i move to tampines..how sad rite..her family is veri good to mi..if gt a chance i dun mind buying back something to thank them...

Then i got Jingmin, Yiwen huimin they all as my good frens..we often wrote letters to each other.. exchanging stickers.. up til now they are in my frenster..managed to got them back..the best is jing ming..even i moved on to tamp..she tries her best to always contact mi..im so touched.. last time i saw her is last yr..wit EVONNE who became an ah lian..(u would nv imagine tat..coz she was so sickly and timind when she's young) i nearly fainted righte on the spot..'

CRUSH?? Zhi teng..i like him since pri 3 lor..he so humourous de..and i tink whole class dunno i like him..he is the most shuai there..BUT rumour spread tat he LIKES Marilyn tat bitch..oops..haha dun like this ger..she was tutoring together wit mi..i know she more clever la.. but she alwys yaya de..trying to act good in front of the gong gong teacher..resulted lao niang being called STUPID...arggghh...but actually i did not mix too much wit my pri sch frens..coz i got this whole bunch of neighbour who is my dear frens..we played together since young.. poor tupperware no ones want to play wit her..haha..she anti-social ma..my grp of frens are...TAN CHEE MENG...LIM CHUI HUA..WEIXIONG, DAVID WONG, SHUI FA, XIANG LIN and after tat AH BEE..(who joined us onli awhile)..we played as if there is no night and day..and we often tried to do our homework fast..just to play..i feel so fun with them..

THE most witty one was DAVID WONG..mai xiao xiao hor RAFFLES de ok.. then i got a HUGE CRUSH ON AH BEE.. he is three yrs older than mi.. he joined NPCC to mi veri man lor at that time..i often dream myself MARRYING HIM ok.. DREAM la.. then he often ask mi go his house to listen to songs.. relac PURE LISTENING..then SHUI FA MOTHER would always tease mi.. haha...BUT everything ended when the whole building is being demolished and we are forced to move..

Most of them moved to central or west side.. while mi the onli EXTRA moved to EAST..arghh dunno y my mama love TAMP so much.. so i lost contact wit a lot of ppl...so sad.. its so lonely here no frens to play next door..and im enrolled in a stupid sch..due to many sch dun wan mi as i failed my MATHS>..i hate MATHS seriously..


I was in Qiaonan Primary School.. quite near my hse.. when i went in i was already pri 5 duhz.. joined a veri shit class..DUE TO FAILED IN MATHS..all veri naughty de..dun like study de.. damn it i shall nt be influence..so tat yr i got second in class..haha and moved on to a better class.. THE MOST MISCHEVIOUS de is DANIEL..we all forsee him as a future ah beng..he likes to pull ppl's hair.. irritate ppl.. i realli hate him when he hid my bag..and assembly was starting.. i was crying like mad lor.. stupid him make mi xian cho... we got this FOUR HEAVENLY KINGS in sch..those were the IN THING huh?? DANIL(Indonesia), CHIEN CHIA(Taiwan), SUTHIPPORN(THAI), GUO something(Taiwan) de la, dunno him la...guess which one i like??

DANIL la..he most friendly de..and i remember me and SHARON(SCH FLOWER) would always take bus purposly one BIG ROUND to see them playing basketball at their hse downstairs.. omg.. so shuai..and u know last time gers are so GAGA over writing autographies rite..DIARY in short..we were pratically queuing up lor.. can u imagine how famous they are..they are in THE BEST CLASS LOR.. haha alot of sia suay thing happen lor..lasttime we alll love to rock the chair rite..teacher always scold but we still bo chap..i was ONE OF THEM.. gei kiang..and i fell lor.so paiseh man.. and at PE jump herdes i always bu gan de..then always fall de.. walao eh.. but i love PRI 6 tats when i got to know a lot of good frens.. XIUFANG is older than us..so she tot mi what is sex..tks lei.. then weiling is veri cute she loves animal so much..always go her home and paint nail polish.. eat maggie..yesh tat was the IN thing too TUPPERWARE..

Got my period at age 12 haha panic lor tat day..but its funni.. sharon helped mi wit it..guiding mi thru at the next door cubicle..woohoo..oops am i supposed to say these out? who cares its my blog lei..


Those were the happy days.. everyday so carefree..onli know how to play and play.. eat and eat.. hhaha..i got my first bf at the age of 14, he was a mad cow.. so er xing le..still wan to flirt wit other gers..Orite i admit i got a bf for the sake of having one tat time.. When i broke off wit him.. he cried and wanted to commit suicide(see u got it TUPPERWARE?? we haf the same FATE, SHIT)...haha so i counseled him until 2 in the morning..and the next day he threatend to kill mi..tks lei..u tink i cared..maisiaosiao hor.. my best fren ELSIE and mi go and mit him alone hor.. WE TALKED SENSE INTO HIS TINY BRAIN.. haha. ELSIE (lizhen then, now lijia) and her twin sis is my best frn tat time they lived in tamp..we are so damn bloody close.. tat i almost stayed at her hse.. MYOJO CHAR MEE is our fav.. we love hello kitty, we love neo prints..My best guy frn is AH JIN..amazing rite..we talked every nite.. nope becoz he LIKES MI..he alawys li yong mi de lor..like this and tat ger..ask mi advice..shi bai lor seriously.. but we had a good platonic relationship..and many ppl are amazed at it la.. and he is a AH BENG oso lor.. hahha..gt the M SHAPED hair oso wit lots of gel lol..

Love HELLO KITTY TO THE EXTENT TAT.. we stole from shops.. BAD GER hais..we were so powerful..tat we did tat everyday after sch for a month or so.. then one day i decided tt i shld turn over a new leaf.. dunno y..sudeenly felt so..so i DIDNT JOIN THEM at TAMP MALL tat DAY.. and guess wad that day THEY GOT CAUGHT..and their parents came and was forced to pay all the stuffs they took..100 hundred plus lor..i knew zhen would kill mi if she saw this haha..Started smoking at sec 3..nt addicted but just wan to ACT STYLO lor.. got my first sunpage pager at 15 too.. would hang alot of bells, greeting message was those techno background then recite those stupid gang poems..omg.. and nt to mention the most impt SHARP COMB..i was an AH LIAN LOR.. haha.super de..they always go and asked mi joined gangs but i did nt haha.. scared i cant crawl out lor...

I still remember the times we went to Jasmine's condo to swim almost every week tat is so fun..when everyone of us wore the same windbreaker...and now two of them had become mummy le..haha...I went to my first disco in sparks when im 16yrs old.. those period was the worst of my life..i club and drink like nobody's business..i changed bf now and then.. the shortest lasted for onli a week..i remember tat this guy his name starts wit G..he is so good to mi..he send mi a package and a bouquet of flowers.The package contains 7 things inside coz its our 7 days together..ahha..good rite.. up till now i dunno i got how many bf/flings..i onli remember those which are quite long de.. but its ok la..coz tat doesn't matter anymore rite..THERE is a few good guys in my life tat period..BUT i dunno how to cherish..see la in the end wad i got..nothing lor..haha..but who do i love the most?? U all shld know the ans rite??

Practically tats my whole pri and sec life...happy>?? hmm quite.. but sad tat i did nt study real hard.. but maybe if i study hard i would missed out all these fun?? in LIFE its fair.. u gain and lose somthing...Im lucky tat most of my teacher dotes on me.. Esp MR TAN an MR HANDY HANDSOME(handy plast in short)...maybe becoz im chubby and CUTE at THAT time hehhe.. i wonder how are them now.. its been so long since i saw them..and i guess both of them are not teaching in the schools le...

I missed all the memories...if onli we can be like Dumbledore..and collect all our memories in the PENSIVE tat would be great....

With Love, 10:57 AM

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