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Tuesday, January 31, 2006'♥

Our Own..

Before anything wanna wish everyone a HAPPY DOGGY YEAR.. hope u guys enjoy ur own celebrations and get a great amt of ang pow..

For mi.. i quite enjoy mine... except for some minor issue which totally spoilt my first day of new yr.. but anyway everything is ok now la..

I just got back yst evening.. went home to put my luggage and after a shower i was out again.. coz i promise to go clubbing wit my frens yst nite. But there is some minor misunderstandings.. end up i went MOS wit two of my working colleagues and their frens.. haiz..

Yst nite was RNB and hiphop nite.. the music was great and the crowd was high too.. we went to explore all the rooms there.. i can onli conclude tat onli the RNB room is the best..and if i ever go there again its becoz of RNB onli lor...nv heard the RETRO songs there before..maybe its too RETRO le ba..

Got to know one guy his name is DE YANG.. ya a friendly chap.. and he sent us home after tat.. military police now.. any takers?? reached home around 4am and i was still pondering over tat MATTER.. felt real guilty and i pray tat she realli wont be so pissed off wit mi.. im quite hurt by the SMS she sent mi yst hai hai hai.. suan le.. just pray hard ba..

Just came back from a treat to MEMOIRS OF GEISHA wit MR BULLSHIT.. kaoz.. damn nice lei the movie.. MS SELYN la.. haven passed mi back my book i believe the book wil be nicer lor.. nicenicenice when ithe vcd out i sure rent and watch again de.. i love their eyes tat CONTACT LENSE tmd de nice.. tink im going to find tat shade le...haha..

We went to eat at SAKAE sushi..LONG QUEUE .. coz just finished watching JAP MOVIE ma.. so must eat JAP DINNER..super crap rite haha.. ate alot of stuffs..MR BULLSHIT ORDER like nobody's business.. ate the SUKI dunno was steamboat..welll errrr..except for the beef ...the rest were VEGE lor.. and the soup is SWEET de..argghh.. anyway total ate up to 57bucks.. xing tong rite??? lol tks ah MR BULLSHIT....too tried le so we took a cab home..the uncle drove so fast lor..almost vomit out the food..

Was so full rite now man.. argghh cant slp.. when i tot of tmr i SUPER SIAN LOR.. got to start work le.. arghh boring and tmr sure VERY VERY BUSY de.. i will be like a mad woman in the office again...

PHOTOS will be up soon .. coz there is toooooo much photos le.. it will be a photoblog..so stay tunned ba..

With Love, 10:53 PM

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