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Sunday, January 01, 2006'♥


Was woke up by my beloved COUSIN MI JIE... -_-...cant sleep le.. so now i might as well blog abt my adventures yst nite...

Our veri FIRST plan is to go MOS.. and enjoy ourselves and watch KING KONG at 4am...BUT DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES....in the end....pls scroll down to see wad happen...warning..LONG LONG POST...

My church service ended at 7.15pm..Sang AULD LANG SYNE even though its nt new yr yet... arggghhh and suddenly Chelsia told mi she and her FREN LIPING wanted to join us too.. and DUE TO LONG TIME NV CLUB...SHE forgot to bring her IC...which is a MUST just in case we got a nasty DOOR BITCH...so we took a cab to her home and she took her passsport.. oh ya.. she lost her IC oso.haha so from there we took a cab down to CLARKE QUAY...my phone was ringing non stop.. ppl haf been telling mi how long is the stupid queue le... they told mi got some idiot started queueing at 6pm..HOW KIASU can they be??

The cab stopped at the traffic light...and we saw the BLOODY QUEUE.. OH MY... its so ridiculous LONG>>>>imagine for Clarke quay to near to Boat QUAY..OMG... got down the cab.. my cousin called mi and ANNOUNCED a STUPID NEWS.. COVER CHARGE is $50 bucks...pengs... me and chelsia was like..$50 u wan my life is it?? so we asked her to check out properly first..while we went LIANG COURT and had our jap dinner..THE JAP curry is damn NICE lor.. didnt know there is a JAP supermarket there..i SWEAR i wan to go there one day and shop...haha my FIRST time step in LIANG COURT after 12 yrs..haha

Then Chelsia fren YIPING came so we chatted awhile and proceed to find our KHAKIS...which is my cousin and FREns..and LAOCHEK.... Confirm liao really is fifty bucks.. and we tmd didnt even knoe tat there is pre sales tix at 35bucks..i mean they nv announced before it lor..Damn.. so we tot of where to go.. while MY BELOVED COUSIn..says her frens die die want go in..(RICH PPL) so we bidded goodbye..with a longing look at the entrance...how sad man..haha

Since we are going to watch movie after dat..so the first place tat came to mi is DEVIL's BAR.. coz near ma..soemmore in ORCHARD oso.. THE WHOLE TRAIN WAS packed wit Foreign WORKERS..i feel like im in INDIA.. Laochek brought along his fren Bryan.. who is SUPER SHY.. and my dear SHUFEN im proud of her.. she KNEW THE WAY FROM CLARK QUAY MRT...tks to YIPING telling her over the phone.. i tink she was overwhelmed by the number of ppl there..coz its her first time go clubbing..nt her even us was OVERWHELMED by the crowd toohaha.. So here we are at DEVILS.. haha no QUEUE at all.. damn shiok...

COVER CHARGE AT $30 nia..consider cheap liao la...anyway super cheap for mi..coz LAO CHEK pay for mi..woohooo..i love him.. so we got party packs..and party hats..and here we are in DB...the place is oredi quite packed le..whooohoo..music was great yst.. we went to the hall wit mixed music..i loved the RETRO man..GUESS wad i onli drank two sips of the vodka ribena..the others drank VODKA ORANGE duhz purposly de.. cant tahan them.. I like clubbin wit this grp.. i feel so free wit them.. laochek always makes us laugh with his stupid stunt..and we took some pics wit BRYAN's cam now waiting for lao chek to send me..hehe..I dunno lei..i like the crowd at DB..coz all quite mature de..and no matter who u are just dance de lor..got one SUPER BIG lady oso go up the BAR TOP and dance.. haha as usual i onli went up stage..tat was when the music was damn good.. We had our countdown..and everyone hug and sang AULD LANG SYNE..so touched rite...Got to know one guy ALOYSIUS..he's so man.. but anyway he so happen to be my colleague's the fren so qiao..

Laochek left earlier coz his frens came down from PENANG to find him, and afterwards he msged mi he was kanna attacked by FW and BENGS.. haha forgot to ask him to buy the spray just in case.. poor him..My beloved shufen and yiping cannot take it so they WENT ORCHARD PARADE HOTEL's lobby to rest..left Chelsia and I dancing hahah We left DB at 1plus how sad.. the LIVE BAND just started.. coz rushing for movies ma..

Called Baobei..who is at BAlcony.. but i was shocked tat she told mi she is going home.. i was like i tot we supposed to watch movie together?? But i tink she kanna sprayed oso even in BALCONY or wad.. so nvm lor.. srry baobei at first im abit angry la..but after tat i tot over it le.. im srry oso haha.. So the four gers went to CINELEISURE to watch the MOVIE...

While on the way there..we saw alot of FW oso.. i taught them how to siam in case they sprayed us.. but my 3 disciples take my words for granted still dared to walk near them in the end they all kanna lor..except mi.. i escaped lor..haha long walk lei.. from ORCHARD PARADE HOTEL TO CINE.. LAONIANG veri clever hor..coz at one pt of time i was hiding behind the policeman..hahaha veri boliao lor this ppl.. i saw ppl fighting ..police telling them to stop and spray it all on the dustbin hahah and CINELEISURE management more power..u cant enter unless u EMPTY THE CANS on the floor.. ALL These FW used their hard earned money to buy the stupid cans.. in the end spary finish liao throw.. WHO is the one who pick up all the litter?? who is the one who need to sweep the floor?? ITS THEIR FELLOW FREN OF THE SAME HOMETOWN lor.. y are they making the lives difficult for those of their same race and hometown?? diaos....

WATCH KING KONG AT 2.30..and indeed WE ARE VERI REGRETFUL LOR.. so many ppl says its nice.. the four of us.. take turns and fell asleep lor..shufen was the worst i tink she slept tru the whole show..onli watch some initial part..i need to wake her up when we are going!!! hahaa.... i onli feel the part abt the natives and on the island is nice..the others are LAME lor..and i dun feel its touching at all..tell mi tell mi..which part is the most TOUCHING.. i cant find it at all.. i meant in summary.. its the KING KONG who wants the girl..so he killed T REX.. Ripped off BUILIDNG just to save the ger and find her.. i mean got sense meh?? will the ger love him?? dunno wad to say la..super bo liao jiu tui le... we four super regret.. shld haf went GEYLANG and ate supper instead.. haha...

For those who loved that movie alot..bu hao yi si..personal perception.. haha now got a qn to ask u all..

Q: Why all the DINOSAURS Extinct?

A: King Kong killed them ALL....

Bleh.. orite i enjoy myself yst.. had a good start.. hope this yr will be BETTER.. SHIT SHIT GO AWAY....haha...going out le.. buai buai...

With Love, 3:35 PM

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