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Saturday, January 28, 2006'♥

My Life...

Im back...finally.. frens haf been asking mi.. is it i got depression again.. how am i rite now?? Well.. im fine seriously.. more or less thought tru abt my future le.. and i somehow got the ans in my heart le..

Well for the past few weeks i haf enjoyed myself.. and i cannot imagine in a few more hours time.. i will be going back to Batam for CNY.. its soooooo fast.. just pray tat this yr..everything wil go on smoothly..everyone will be HAPPY ba..

But somehow..the MOOD is still not there yet...went Chinatown last nite wit MS TUPPERWARE.. supponsingly wit MS HAN too.. but due to unforeseen circumstances again.. this time round is her turn le.. she cant make it.. ITs A CURSE!!! hahaha so anyway MS Cindy and i were outside le.. so we both met up..

Finally collected my beautiful bag from my fren's shop le.. veri sweet wor.. We went to this Hong LIM food centre.. wanting to eat the FAMOUSE OUTRUM PARK char kway teo...missed it so much..xiang dang nian when im young always eat de lor..damn shiok.. but since then it MOVED>.. and ive been craving for it.. DAMN reached there i saw the same uncle...BUT HE WAS CLOSING THE STALL .. damn damn damn.. how suay man.shit..no wonder im a member of SHITTY CLUB...so instead we ate the WU XIANG lor..

And we cant wait to start our shopping trip... Walked along the streets..crowded wit people..and we took photos in the midst.. and oso video it.. like a host haha.. the variety of food is almost the same.. everywhere is selling the same ting..and this yr realli nt a lot of ppl lor.. END up in the end i bought 100g of MUAH CHEE.. 200g of mixed sweets haha.. ok la.. and oso a chinese new yr decor complimentary from TUPPERWARE.. u tink she so good meh?? 3 for 2.00 la.. kns hahha .. we walked and walked..till we came to this FAMOUS HINDU TEMPLE.. was tinking and considering whether shld we go in.. then of the auntie said.. "can just go in de..dun need to scare" something like dat..duhz.. so we went in.. without shoes.. quite big..and for the first time in my 21 yrs of living.. i went in a HINDU temple..but we cant take pics too bad.. haha...

Oh ya.. saw this ice cream uncle.. so i wanted to buy one cup.. saw the LONGING LOOK on that TUPPERWARE so i decided to treat her..GUESS wad she did?? She simple throw my face..by asking: " Uncle ke yi gei wo duo yi dian ma" duhz.. so cheapskate lor.. i laughed my way tru.. uncle agreed and she said " XIN NIAN KUAI LE>> GONG XI FA CAI" omg im fainting at that pt of time.. hahaha realli veri cheapskate de lei..haha..


Just came home from LENA's place.. we had our REUNION dinner.. at her house.. a GOOD HOST lor.. so MUCH FOOD LOR..and she cooked all those all BY HERSELF..good housewife..who want to find a wife find her ba??? hahaha

MET up wit WENDY and we went together.. lena's brother gf, gf's sister... trish... jasmine... jeffrey... all were there.. started eating..omg so shiok my fav is CRABMEAT woohoooo.. onli imitation de is nice..haha.. so u know wad to get for mi for vday?? haha.. waited for ah ber.. then we watched the LOVE CONCEIRGE.. wooooo nice show wor..but ending too abrupt le.. had so much fun there.. COCO pee on tRISH.. the MOST FUNNIEST PART..and i decided to name ah ber's junior as SICKO hahha..

After dinner we went to lena's room chat chat awhile.. then SICKO pee on her newly change bedsheet..duhz.. haha.. then we decided to play mahjong..my first attempt ok.. still trying hard to learnt more.. and im the WINNER lei.. haha all tks to ah BER AND UNCLE KENJI...they are my SHI FU wor..

Didnt realli played veri long.. as they had to work tmr.. so mi and wendy left her hse..

Tks lena.. for inviting us to ur house..u r a great host wor..and a great cook.. will cherish the times tat we chilled out together wor.. more this kind of mahjong session pls.. hahha i knw u veri pro la.. lol.. and tks for booking the air ticket for all of us.. and YES we are finally going to BANGKOK in MARCH.. saw the air ticket just now and was so excited.. wohoo..

Orite.. im damn sleepy now.. i haven even packed my clothes.. duhz.. tink i wil be leaving tmr afternoon ba..dun miss mi ok hhaah.. pictures will be uploaded when im back..too tried le..

AND PEEPS remember our outing on MONDAY NITE.. MOS HOR.. dun pang seh hor..and u too MS HAN..and TUPPERWARE pls gooooooooo.. we shall had a great nite together..coz its RNB AND HIPHOP nite..wohoo..see ya guys.. lastly..


With Love, 1:12 AM

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