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Wednesday, January 11, 2006'♥

Hi Kerin

Is been a long time we haven't chat in msn...! How're u doing? R u working now or studying in poly? If u are studying which poly u are study and wat course r u major at? Hope to hear from u soon, maybe last time i did something or said something that's make u freak out or wat so ever, i would like to ask from u to forgive me... Cos last time i really immature. I really don't want to miss a friend lke u, becos every friends i met is very preious to me included u, Kerin. Hope to hear from u soon in any contact...

Faithfully, Kelvin

I knew him for 8 years...he is the first guy i like in sec sch.. for 2bloody long years.. many things happened.. in the end we are not together..i was devastated i cried and cried i oso dunno y.. maybe becoz it was my first time shi lian ba.. but those were the childish times..

But i just dunno how to relate to him after tat incident..therefore i kept a distance away from him..whenever he called my home.. i would ask my mum to said im nt at home..my mum likes him alot and would always scold mi for not picking up his call.. he bought presents for my birthday..but i did not mit him up.. he called my hp..smsed mi but i did not reply.. i felt bad treating him like dat..but i just cant talk to him like normal frens..

I ran out of topics to talk to him..maybe becoz last time we chatted every nite....ask ah jin and u will now how much i like Kelvin.. i felt like a FOOL arggghhh

Tell mi wad to reply ba.. i realli dunno..anyway im feeling so lethargic the whole day..kept yawning..i guessed i need to go slp soon.. raining again.. how cold will it be?? anyway Happy BIRTHDAY baobei.. see ya soon...

With Love, 10:30 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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