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Tuesday, January 17, 2006'♥


Yst nite i nearly made a mistake..a big big mistake.. i was on the verge thinking should i or should i not.. Thankfully i got A and P chatting wit mi on msn... They finally talked some sense into mi.. making mi realise tat its WORTHLESS.. realli worthless to take tat step..

And in the end i chatted wit A until 3 in the morning.. i cried and told him all my problems.. which is the REAL truth.. he talked to mi in a way tat i almost cant believe its him..he is my ex for a quite short period last time... to mi he is always a flirt. .someone who is nt serious in relationship de..we broke off becoz i dun haf the sense of security from him but yst nite he told mi the REAL truth of his past...i understand u..and from last time until now.. i realli nv hate u la...

My stomach is soooo BIG now.. inside alot of wind.. baby weisi is the same too.. i dunno wad did we ate.. and its so painful and so uncomfortable.. tmr i will not be going to work.. haha SELF DECLARED holiday.. i tink im gonna see doc abt this.. so irritated by the WIND.. miting up LENA for the SALES wit jasmine and one of her fren.. woohoo hopefully i can get some stuffs ba at the end of the trip.. mind u its $3 per peice ok?? haha.. we are mitng super early..there goes my holiday..will be bringing cam de no worries will show u all the kiasu attitude of everyone de haha..

Im so tired..last nite onli slep three hours plus..tink i need to hibernate now.. take care everyone..

Good nite

With Love, 10:31 PM

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age Forever 21


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