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Monday, December 26, 2005'♥

Trival Matters..

BOXING day... suppose to open all my pressie today.. but its on my office desk..so i tink i will go and open tmr ba.. hope i got the time.. long weekends = more retained passbooks.. sianz..somemore milk went to Thailand on FRI..so tmr mi and gan chiong spider together.. diaoz..

While i was typing..gan chiong spider suddenly msged mi..

GCS: u wan to play badminton ma
ME: u got msg wrong ppl ma?? Hmm i anything lor
GCS: Time i will arrange, I nv msg wrongly.. I WANT U TO JOIN TO KNOW MORE PPL...
Me: erm ok lor.. u arrange le tell mi..

WALAO..wad is tis..join in know more ppl?? wad is she tinking sometimes i realli dunno lei.. pengs.. just see how ba..if bh going then i go..if not i will faint de....

The whole day i was at home today..surprisngly rite? Suddenly i miss someone..guess who?? MS HAN la.. coz she is always at home de.. wit mi chatting at msn..but TODAY..she went out hahhhaa.. lonely me.. msn oso nt much ppl to chat...no story books to read le..all finish..

SO>>>>> i went to play gunbound again..pengs haha.. realli sibeh bo liao lor..Until mama went downstairs so i ask her to rent vcd for mi.. haha...then i watch and watch..until now...

BORING LIFE RITE.. diaoz..nvm la...anyway auntie came my hse and popo cook her powerful CURRY CHK..

Yst nite i chatted wit one of my ex.. who recently made a reappearance in my life.. Always tot that he is the same old person..until i chatted wit him yst...to my surprise he reali did change abit.. i was telling him abt my problems in life then advisse mi in a veri serious way.. hmm since i knew him i always tink he is veri flirt, always anyhow spend money de.. but one yr le..this one yr he realli changed quite abit..

Was glad tat i talked to him.. and from now on i promise him to SAVE MONEY together.. NAH.. its not like LENA AND MR K so loving go open on account la.. we save individually.. and if allow he will bring mi go BAngkok next yr.. provided i save money lor...dun get mistaken la.. now my feelings for him is just like a brother lor.. after all i wont be wit him again de.. coz he is nt a christian oso ma...

TO Mr A..tks for sharing wit mi ur lifestory.. u realli did impact mi wit ur changes.. will save money de from now on.. hahaha coz i wan go BANGKOK lol

With Love, 7:27 PM

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