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Sunday, December 04, 2005'♥

Taxi Drivers....

Today woke up quite early la.. too excited le ma.. going to mit my beloved cousin..pui..haha.. im excited coz of IKEA lor..hehe...

Anyway after some unforseen circumstances..im LATE again as usual..and we onli started our shopping trip at abt 3pm..veri li hai tu lor..hehe.. had the yummy delicious MEATBALLS there..and the food there is actually quite cheap.. SUNDAY and the whole place is PACKED wit PPL.. PPL mountain ppl sea..hehe..

After the late lunch..we started our SHOPPING le..hehe i was actually lookin for SOFABED and saw a few quite nice and fit to my budget de..but i haven bought it yet..coz mama haven pass mi the money.. the sofa there is so comfy tat we dun wan to get up and i swear i can even slp while sitting on it haha..yes of coz nt to mention TOOK PHOTOS lor...

In the end we each bought a quilt wit Pillow and its onli 19.90 damn cheap lor.. love it alot..and its so wen luan..woohooo...lao niang always dig for cheap deals de ok...hehe.. too much ppl le..so in the end we carry OUR Heavy IKEA plastic bag.. shld be drag and off we go took a cab down to PS...coz laoniang wan to buy a TEE from IP ZONE..hehe seems like im always shoppin there nowadays.. even the salesperson kinda of acknowledge my presence haha..

TOok some neoprints and one of it was DISaSTROUS...first time in my whole life took neoprints and i onli like one of them..haha...anyway we walked ard wit our heavy BURDEN.. and end our day quite early..coz mama SEE cooked dinner and usually wit OCCASSION like STARS AWARD.. MAMA SEE would whipped out good DISHES..today SPagetthi was on the menu.. woohooo

Took a cab home..coz MAMA see kept calling mi up.. and its disastrous too.. the cab driver kept talking to mi.. and i was oredi half dead by then.. and he first moved from political news to SEX issues.. erm.. frankly speaking i nv read much newspapers nowadays..so i just nodded and appear to be bored..but he continue on.. and said one of his customers jio him for SEX.. diaoz..wadever it is its NONE OF LAO NIANG"s BUSINESS rite... erm i felt like puking lor..

Finally managed to get off the cab safely.. he even asked mi am i married.. pengs.. and i lied as USUAL yes wit TWO KIDS.. pengs...Watch the stars award..hmm could said tat this yr their dressing is better..FANN looked realli pretty wor..

Orite la.. laoniang got monday's blues le.. sianzzzzzzzzzzz catching a movie wit BELOVED on TUESDAY hehe.. this week im gonna be quite busy... take care ba..buai buai

With Love, 11:28 PM

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