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Tuesday, December 13, 2005'♥

Rudolph THE red-nose Reindeer...

Congrats to ah leng jie *ah zhen's older sister* that ur getting married le.. finally haha.. might not be going to ur wedding.. coz no money buy nice clothes lei..see how ba..anyway congrats to our veri DEAR SOCKFANG.. ur getting ROM on 18FEB will try to be there de.. our DEAR BABY BEAR lei.. haiz... SO FAST LOR... gong xi gong xi wor..

Xmas is coming and i tot it would be great if i surprise u guys wit my XMAS WISHLIST..hehe see ba see ba.. pls feel free to take alook..

* Someone to treat mi to the CHocolate Buffet at FULLERTON HOTEL?? $28 per person..im sure some kind soul can fulfill this wish rite??

* TO have tat teddy bear from tat ESPLANADE shop...hehe..

* A MP3...im felt so wierd without an MP3...


Talk abt money.. MEMBER no 1 from SHITTY CLUB aka EX-Singlehood Club..Miss He xiaohan.. and i decided to open the SAYE account and oso an account from UOB.. after some careful consideration we decided tat WE REALLI need to SAVE money le....the previous SAYE account i got my mum took it for her own..haiz..so NOW laoniang have to save save save...Life without money is veri cham de..no one wil pity u lor.. worst is u lend money to ppl and they oso no money pay u back, and worst of ALL u borrow from someone and they gave u tat kind of si ren attitude..suan le..hai shi kao zi ji ba.. rite MISS SHITTY HAN??

Quite moody these few days.. i oso dunno y.. maybe on the outside no one detects it..but actually i am....call mi useless ba.. but i longed to be loved by someone... i felt so lonely sometimes going thru this dark periods of my life.. i wanted so much for a shoulder that i can rely on.. i missed the feeling of a hug...have anyone told u tat a hug can do wonders??

I read the chat history of the past..and i realise how childish i was tat time...i realise tat at the latter part we are actually both veri stressed up.. y like dat.. i asked myself wad if??...........

But the answer will still be the same...coz u are u ..and i am i .. our thinking is somehow different.. but stil i thank u for the effort of loving mi.. i felt it at tat pt of time...



With Love, 9:00 PM

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