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Saturday, December 03, 2005'♥


Was happily painting my nails.. waiting for it to dry....until i dozed off while waiting...when... the phone rang.. and my heart skipped a beat.. and one little finger hit the keyboard... and it SMUDGED....argggghhh the effort and time is all GONE....angry and removed it all....

GUys reading this entry sure say " aiyah nail polish onli ma..dunno y u gers so siao abt it" BLEAH.. u know how difficult it is ma.. u need to focus.. be careful and the satisfication u get from it is wonderful...haha u all sure dun understand de la.. arggghh...

Abt the phone call..who is it??? Bleah its a missed call.. from who PIGHEAD la.. he pressed wrongly lor.. i was shocked when i saw too..coz we NEVER TALK DE..onli SMS and MSN.. ahhaha..create mystery ma.. nabeh all becoz of him my nails all GONE.. keep nagging at him lor..until he promise a FREE MANICURE VOUCHER hahaha..im evil huh...

GOt back from TIONG BAHRU MARKET its been a mth since i went there.. coz no cg for one mth ma..whoooo missed the place man.. ban chuan drove us there.. and he treated us...nt bad huh this leader.. too bad attached liao..if not.. muahahhaha.. ya rite...

Working is the same old stuff.. yeah Tamp central is going to have a XMAS CARNIVAL.. its big lor..going to haf a look soon..woohoo.. two more days to PAY DAY..and im getting myself a NEW BED.. mummy after some careful consideration allowed mi to haf a new bed.. hehe im so much looking forward to IKEA on SUN wit han...nt to say the DELICIOUS MEAT BALLS there...

U brought laugher, joy , peace, happiness into my life......

With Love, 12:42 AM

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