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Saturday, December 17, 2005'♥

Money Issues...

Money is a veri sensitive issue whenever ppl heard abt it they will tend to siam..avoid.. or even keep quiet not to comment abt it..

I just read Miss Tupperware's blog and i just wanna welcome her to join OUR SHITTY club together with MISS HAN...Huang yin Huang yin

Ppl often asked is money important?? Let mi tell u how important it is ba...


* Ur family is poor, both of ur parents are old..u need to at least share some of their burden...

* Ur penniless..as in realli penniless..no dinner..and u starve urself all the way back home and eat maggie mee..

* When all ur fren are out there enjoying themselves.. all u can do is to come back str home..

* IT will make u into depression, mood swings...low self-esteem easily..

* Ur fren's birthday u have to avoid them..coz u realli had no money to celebrate not to say even go out wit them...

In short.. its veri easy..got money = got fren..no money = fren all run away.. maybe not in the physical sense.. but as in slowly they will seldom ask u out..coz the answer is always the SAME..u cant blame them..their youths they need to relax and enjoy their lives too...Blame it on your poor management of money ba.. u lousy steward...

Ppl always thought tat when u started working liao..life will be better.. U will have more money.. But dun they know tat..on the other hand..different situations arises....

* Ur parents asked u to contribute to the household expense..
* U haf to pay ur own bus fare which is killing everyone of us...
* U haf to pay ur hp bills..
* Not to mention buy some cloths.. u cant be always wearing the same for office everyday rite??
* Frens expect better quality of gifts...
* Ppl expect u to treat them dinner
* Frens came and borrow money from u...

On the surface they saw tat u got ur pay.. but on the other hand they dun understand y ur money is spent away so quickly.. first THOUGHT.. "AHHH..must be u la..buy this buy that anyhow spent rite" They didnt knw tat being a working adult u haf more OBLIGATIONS.. MORE CONTRIBUTION.. and nt to mention Religious contribution....

To Miss CIndy.. Studying is still the best.. afterall canteen stuffs are cheap.. trust mi...when u earn more.. u spent more.. rite MISS HAN??

Enough of money.. which is driving mi crazy...I went KTV wit SUFEN yst..she treated mi everything and im realli veri impressed by what a fren i got.. i meant its her bd she treat mi the ktv.. and yet she bought the cake herself...how guilty can i be seriously? U know deep inside how bad i felt? wanted to buy her something but the reality hits mi like a thunder.. U HAF NO MONEY..so darling sufen.. wad i can said is..WAIT BA.. hehe..

I sang alot of songs yst..nt to mention all time fave YI SHENG ZUI AI DE REN.. tats when sufen went to toilet i faster insert tat song.. wad happens when i heard tat song?? NAh shall nt say it out.. anyway i sang WANG RI QING..and i understand totally how LENA felt when she sang tat song.. its tmd a sad song...


( music )

SAD song indeed...

To one of my fren...

Im surprised when u msged mi ur decision.. at the same time im happy for u.. because u finally make the RIGHT decision.. I know wad u going tru.. the hurts the betrayal.. No ones likes to divorce.. its onli after a veri careful consideration...I know u still love him..I know u cant change suddenly to be veri strong..but dun forget u GOT mi and ur sister.. we will be there for u ...

When u called mi just now.. i was surprised.. tat u did not cry.. and the way u told mi abt tat incident.. reflects a diff person..a diff u i once know..in fact a stronger one.. im happy tat u xiang tong le..maybe realli when a person go tru TRIALS their thinking will Realli CHANGE.. It will be tough at first ba.. but i know its FOR UR FUTURE OWN GOOD...wad for continue to stay in hurts.. depression..cry urself to slp every nite.. where u can find another kind of happiness and freedom....

I will be there.. just a phone call away..promise to spent more time wit u ...meanwhile continue to be the STRONG GER i once knew...

With Love, 12:11 AM

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