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Saturday, December 24, 2005'♥


ITS SOOOOO HOOOOOT now... i just came back from MARKETING.. marketing not in the sense of the business related subject u took.. but its the marketing in the market.. the MARKET where ur mama went twice a week...

IM FORCED to or maybe i happily volunteered myself to go and buy stuffs for the steamboat tonite.. arrgghh.. becoz i tink its much more cheaper.. but to my AMAZEMENT.. its ard the same lor.. duhz...and its so many many housewives ah ma. and MARIA there..

Its been i duno how long maybe ard one yr plus i nv went to the market le.. muahaha.. i went to buy yong tau foo stuffs, pig liver, jin zhen gu, spring onion, fishballs, fishcakes... and miss han fav YU JIAO.. touched ba..oh shit as i was typing i realised i forgot to buy tang hoon.. ok la..later will buy la.. i tink we are havin a sumptous dinner tonite.. plus the stuffs we bought yst woohoo.. and i realise being a housewife is nt easy lor.. so many things to carry.. arggh.. i will appreciate my mama de.. i promise.. becoz the stuffs i bought so ex...where she bought de so cheap...NOT FAIR...

Yeap and i bought chocolates for church frens too.. last min all the candy canes OUT OF STOCK.. wad the... ALL U KNOW.. duhz.. be it NTUC , COLD STORAGE.. CARREFOUR..even 7-11 oso Dun haf. wads so popoular abt tat CANDY CANE.....

Im realli veri tired.. so the two monkeys better appreciate mi ok.. treat mi better from now on.. and i tink more or less we will be going FISHERMAN after eating.. woohooo.. chelsia chan treat lei.. hehe..pray hard for it ba..

I LOVE MY FAMILY.. and Xmas is a time for giving... y not gif ur mama a big hug??

With Love, 10:58 AM

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