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Sunday, December 18, 2005'♥


Finally had the time to settle down and typed my blog..well well..WEEKENDS had busy for mi lately...as the church is in EXPO now.. So everytime need to support service..or like today.. GOT SOT grauation SERVICE.. LAONIANG is on the call.. cant reject coz.. IM STAYING SO NEAR lor.. anyway i enjoyed it la..in fact i perfer the church in EXPO..hehe

Y? Because its so near tat even take cab onli $3 nia. and im always the first one to reach home unlike last time the LAST ahha.. Yah.. XMAS is coming and im getting quite excited abt it.. although this yr nv buy much present..IN FACT i haven't even BOUGHT it.. hehe although this yr wont haven any grand celebration.. but i know i will be wit frens tat is my closest.. THE NAME LIST ARE>>>>>> tadah...Xiaohan(didnt have a choice as u can see), Chelsia(well she kept pestering mi abt it), New one.. Christine(Hmmm..She is having a rough patch in relationship now)..Baobei (hopefully u wont mind joinning them hehe).. so i invite her to join us lor..after all she is my best fren ma)... will be going down to fisherman for some makan and chilling out session ba.. BUDGET is the THEME wor..Grow up liao dun like to go to noisy places and wad for squeeze here and there wit the crowd.. hmm SHIRLEY is DIFFERENT le hor.. alot of ppl said i haf changed alot le.. ever since im 21 yrs old.. haha still alot to change wor..

So we wont be staying out too late...coz the next day we will be all going to church for the XMAS Service and CARNIVAL.. woohoo got the coupons ready le.. xiaohan oso got wor.. dunno which gong gong go and bless her wit that.. Hopefully Lena and Ah BEr can join us too.. and not to mention MR LAO CHEK. pls dun work hor... haha..Tats is Simple XMAS rite..We had our EVER first Candlelight Service in CHurch yst .. wow the atmosphere is so great and touching.. the whole church was dark and we light up our candles one by one..passing the flame.. show u all the pics ba.. I LOVE CHC wor..

Swee boh..the whole church lei imagine 6000plus ppl light up their candles...and sang SILENT NIGHT...

Me and tat short short de YICHUN haha..cant even see her gong gong face...

ME and GUESS WHO BA.. lol GUESS HOW OLD IS HE>. da dui you jiang haha..

Me and JERRY took this pic at last xmas.. ya forget abt mi..i look so ROUND AND BIG.. at tat time haven JIAN FEI ok...(ORITE u won I STILL LOOK LIKE TAT RITE)...tat is 2004 Jerry in his GAYISH POSE...and


Me and my gaysih pose version 2005... arggh not tat convincing enough hor.. i tink i shall take again this week.. SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN....wooohoo i simply LOVE XMAS...

Just got back from dinner.. treated my whole family to ZI CHAR... woohoo and great it onli cost 45 bucks...wohooo.. coz granny is old le ma.. and i tink its time for mi to treat her since im wking le.. ya i feel like an adult when i called for bill just now.. and oso my heart bleeds..no la no la.. its great to see my family happy although its just a simple dinner..

PS: super buay tahan my tat gong gong uncle.. my mummy's youngest brother.. so bo liao de..always wan to create politics in our family..always talk back abt my cousins all those.. DUN LIKE HIM AT ALL>> so petty and stingy...sometimes nv call him he say we NO RESPECT FOR HIM.. i mean must so gei gao meh.u tink we are ur MAID ah..once see u must call u.. BIG F**K meh.. blehh...dun like dun like dun like him.. oops BAN CHUAN preached tat GOD will onli BLESS U when u had FORGIVENESS IN UR HEART...oopps SRRY SRRY i take back my word ba...

With Love, 7:55 PM

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