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Saturday, December 10, 2005'♥

Heritage TOUR...

Had an adventure wit BELOVED..XIAOHAN..all tks to her..i tink i clock in 2km walk yst haha..Met after work at Bugis..wanted to try the steamboat..end up cant find..so we went to this 7 Story HOTEL de.saw tv recommend before.. so decided to go have a try...

It is cooked by charcoal de..so the soup is veri natural and due to lack of money.we ordered the standard package..most is vegetables lor.. hehe great rite.. but nonetheless the soup was nice..Total ard 32 bucks.. taking a loan from her haha..she rich women yst nite lei..

Then after dinner actually wanted to go to Bugis Village walk walk de..then suddenly she talked abt CAFE.. and abt tat CAFE CANOPY..which u can rent movies, play board games and chat chat de...was quite enthu abt it..so we from BUGIS walked to CITY HALL.. and then CITY HALL to nearly PS.. COZ WE CANT FIND TAT STUPID CAFE..tks to our dear princess who die die said tat its NT stamford HOUSE.. but actually it is lor.. onli knew it this morning when we browse thru the website..arggghh its so near yet so far.. in the end we super buay tahan le..went to TCC at CINELEISURE..

HAD our cheesecakes...and chat chat abit..then saw ANGIE, ERIC they all..hmm lucky i nv did anything wrong hee.. then we went to ESPLANADE.. on the way down.. SAW a COUPLE.. THE GUY WAS PRACTICALLY SHOUTING..yes i meant SHOUTING..AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE..at first tot got ppl fight or wad...duhz so many ppl looking he buay paiseh de meh.. yi dian fend du dou mei you.. SHIT HIM LOR..no camera if nt took down his bloody face lor.. so jian..the poor ger is so ke lian..if mi i just walk away lor.. JIAN NAN REN...

Reached ESPLANADE...argghhh saw the bear bear shop..it costed 29.90 lei to make a bear..i wan!!!! xmas present pls..anyone?? and i didnt know BEAR BEAR got spa treatment de..to make them more FLUFFY..duhz.. haha the sales ger is veri friendly wor..too bad no money hehe..then went outside to chat chat.. haiz..COUPLES all OVER.. chat quite long..ard eleven plus buay tahan le.. so we decided to go home.. so we walked all the way from ESPLANADE..to NORTH BRIDGE ROAD PEARL BUILDING there lor...just to find a bus stop where both of us can take bus together ..veri duhz rite..haha slept in the bus like a pig lor..too tired le..

Although yst nite involves alot of walking..but i still enjoy myself la.. haha..and did i mention another blackie..wanted to know us yst///i tot im SAVE coz i nv went PS..but who knows.. duhz..yyyyyyy we always so suay de.. haha in the end laoniang use jue zhao le.. IM MARRIED...haha and heng he nv follow us cross the road.. phew...

Today and TMR is going to be busy for mi...FIRST svs in EXPO.. going to the agency to hand in my time-sheet later coz they FORGOT TO GIF MI ONE WEEK PAY>>SO sad...haha then miting my BELOVED SUFEN..she's going to buy mi a GUESS wallet..as a belated BIRTHDAY present..coz now GUESS got 20% sales..damn it... y it always had when laoniang no money...saw the BOUTIQUE in RAFFLES CITY..totally packed wit ppl..they dun even allowed any one in anymore..shit cant even take a look lor...but anyway woohoo nice fren i got there.. i love u SUFEN heheeeee....

ORITE got to go le.. hope today will be a great day...

With Love, 11:10 AM

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