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Sunday, December 04, 2005'♥


Today is the last svc we had in Jurong West le.. Next week onwards we will be moving to EXPO liao.. Happy and sad at the same time...

Happy coz i dun need to go there anymore.. a place filled wit memories.. coz his house is just opposite the church..everytime i alight of the bus.. memories will be flooded back to my mind..so now its a release le..yeah..AND...its so near my hse got two str bus there.. woohoo i dun mind staying late in church.. hehe...

Sad coz four yrs just passed by like this..its so fast..remember the times when we were in Paya Lebar.. abt to moved to this building.. and now we are moving to a BIGGER place.. Also GLORIA JEANS CAFE will be closed down le.. haiz.. my beloved ministry.. joined for a yr nia..and now...Today im nt supposed to serve de.. but i just went down lor.. last time le..kinda of missed the laughter, the serving times we had together.. and now im having a headache over wad ministry to join lor..

Since its the last time there..most of the ppl brought their camera along to snap and snap photos.. of coz laoniang mi how can be left out..although i had no camera..but BETSIE got..so we kept taking pics hehe.. and oso our beloved cafe GLORIA JEANS...Pastor sang the song that we sang on our opening ceremony four yrs ago..and i teared...realli abit sad to leave this nice beautiful building...

Dear Jurong west.. i tink we will nv mit again ba.. its so far..and i dun haf much frens staying there.. except for one gong gong cousin.. Thank you for all the memories good or bad.. will missed the ban mian and the chk rice there de.. will missed those bangla hanging out at JP...haha..

We had our prata session today again...seems like now every week we will go private dating...haha no la.. thank you for always helping mi to fork out the money..I prefer u to quarrel and argue wit mi..rather than being so gentle.. ahha not used to it... anyway.. we will nt mit so often le..coz our svc is different day..Be it yes or no.. Let GOD decide wads the path for us ba...:P

With Love, 2:01 AM

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