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Tuesday, December 27, 2005'♥

Gan CHiong Spider

As to what i expected.. wking wit GAN CHIONG SPIDER today..its PISSING mi off... quite alot of passbooks today.. and thks to GC spider.. she keep wanting to do the job in a ver FAST WAY..ended up we finished everything twice the time later...

She keep giving herself stress...keep wanting to do many things at a time..tat i almost shouted at her.. EXCUSE MI CAN U STOP WHAT UR DOING?? but of coz i didn't coz i knew if i did dat she sure broke down and cry de..At one pt of time i was actually eating my ice cream sitting down and literally watching her every movements and i felt like laughing..EVIL mi rite.. but its like she keep forcing herself to be fast..but instead more mistakes lor.. diao...

haiz for once i missed MILK..wished tat she will be back soon..and oso not to mention gifts from THAILAND..woohoo..

ORITE.. im dead tired today..TUESDAY BLUES huh.. tmr i need to go library le..buay tahan no books to read anymore..

With Love, 8:41 PM

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