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Saturday, December 31, 2005'♥

Auld Lang Syne

Finally its last yr of YR 2005 le.. it comes and goes so fast that we didnt even haf the chance to cherish some ppl and they are out of ur life...

Maybe this yr is a SHIT yr for mi.. but certainly i pray tat i wont repeat the same mistakes i made in 2005, so far so good so i hope tat YR 2006 is a good yr for mi..HEHE.BY faith...

What i ACHIEVE in YR 2005

seriously its not much la..Manage to SLIM down a little...but still not enough.. Except tat i graduate in ITE wit a HIGHER NITEC CERT... I found a BANK JOB..now still considering whether to be PERM staff anot.. I celebreated my 21st birthday wit lots of gifts...I joined a ministry but sadly now IM BACK TO ministriless again..

Nothing much rite.. so i decided to set some resolution in YR 2006

* To slim down more.. 10kg?? JIA YOU
* To get a car licence if nt at least go and book e stupid theory test
* To save more money..open another account for saving...
* To go on holiday with frens to the nearby country preferably BANGKOK
* To join a ministry
* TO read the bible again thoroughly
* To get a new hp
* To get a Diploma Cert be it FULL OR PART TIME

Tats abt all ba...

YSt was a moneyless day.. i didnt spent a single cent for my breakfast lunch and dinner... WHO says there is no free lunch in this world...hahahaha Company ordered buffet for us as its the end of the yr le..some kind of appreciation.. food was ok..but the stupid otak is spoilt de..so we demand a refund for it...A who is an associate came...He was from my church oso..then dunno which gong gong go and tell him im oso from his church..he came to talk to mi..diaoz we talked awhile and tks to SAMSUNG who interrupted us..heng ah...i faster run away...

Dinner was at MElVIN's house..Thanksgiving cg ma..we are supposed to haf potluck so i did my fav POTATO SALAD hehe the response nt bad..finished up within a few mins.. they bought so much food tat in the end we cant finish it..Here we go.. FREE FOOD again....

Programmme for today....

We haf ppl station at diff station (tks to my own suggestion) to see which place we can go in without much queueing up...Laochek will be station at MOS...supposed to call mi and tell mi whether alot of ppl ma and he said he will treat mi covercharge woohoo..Baobei will be at BALCONY to see if we can get a place ma.. I will be going down BACLAVIA to see if we can get a place oso ma...power rite.. we still gt frens station at MOMO, DEVILS BAR... hopefully in the end all can go in MOS...

After clubbing or chilling we will be watching the KING KONG..ya im watching myself act can ma?? at 4am in CINELEISURE power rite.. hehe coz after tat we want to go eat breakfast and then go home KO the whole day.. hahah i tink we are a bunch of mad ppl...lol..

HOW U END A YR DETERMINE HOW U START A YR...last yr.. mi and baobei was at INDOCHINE having our solemn dinner... THIS YR.. i want to be HAPPY.. and ENJOY myeself..woohoo BAOBEI I LOVE U

With Love, 11:00 AM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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