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Sunday, December 25, 2005'♥

Another Day Passed....

Finally its Christmas Day today.. The Management of MRSTEA.BLOGSPOT.COM would like to wish all the ppl here.. MERRy CHRISTMAS HOPE U GUYS ENJOYR YOURSELF during these long WEEKEND....


Yest went for church service.. the drama was great..its so funni lor..after tat went to the xmas carnival.. xiaohan and mi saw this MR BEAN's BEAR its so cute..and we are veri SURE we DIE DIE must win tat.. So we used up all the coupons just to GET TAT.. Banchuan is realli gifted in all these games.. he veri power lor..we are aiming the SMALL prize which is green in colour..and he go and throw on the BIG PRIZE which is red.. and the FIRST PRIZE is like SHIT.. a ugly rabbit...so we negotiate wit the guy and requested for three MR BEAN's BEAR haha in the end he won four total.. woohoo he realli GIFTED in this AREA lor..next time got pasar malam i sure ask him go and win those bear for mi de.. woohoo..

We came back home.. thru our power..xh and mi manage to psycho MS CHelsia to buy the BAO BEI for our steamboat woohoo.. we started eating ard 8 and end ard 10 we are so full and it makes us want to slp..still got alot of food lor..power rite each person ard 12 bucks and we got so much food tat tonite we are going to haf steamboat again this time wit my beloved family haha.. second round.. THEN after eating tat two SPOILT PRINCESS tot they can just sneak away.. of coz NOT..haha make them wash the dish while i clean up and packed the whole place..

We lied on my bed motionless...veri tired and sleepy.. then the conversation starts....

Me: "Wei veri sian lei.. nothing to do"
Chelsia: "Ya lor but i veri tired lor"
XH: Continue to play wit MSN

Me:"SO i tink when alarm strikes 12 we just close our eyes and slp is it?"
Chelsia:"Haha abit ke lian rite...but go where?"
XH:"NO MONEY still wan go where, i dun wan change clothes again"

THEN feeling abit sian.. after calling ah jin..who is at MOS yayaing tat ITS SO FUN THERE.. i cant help but took out An Assessment BOOK from Chelsia's bag.. ADVANCE MATHS FOR PRIMARY 4 to do the sums.. (NOtice MS CHelsia is a TEACHER)

Chelsia: "Wei dun like dat lei..like veri ke lian ok la we go watch movie?"
Me: OKOK Ms HAn go check GV Website
XH: Huh no money still want to watch movie...

Me: GO LA veri sian lor..
XH: Narnia at TM its 12.30 and onli left second row lei

So here we are so last min decided to watch NARNIA.. been wanting to watch lor..but that MS Han going to watch wit her fren.. so we begged her and Ms Chelsia is a good ger(but later on not good liao, tell u later ba) helped Ms Han to fork out her movie ticket...tats it.. THREE WOMAN.. wit no MONEY..in DEBTS... NO LOVELIFE...going to watch movie together in the cinema.. haha LOSER RITE...


We reached the cinema quite early..saw Randy and MAd oso..chatted wit them quite awhile.. the show is nice.. but the intro abit long.. i felt like watching it again lor....at first we were like going to slp le..coz we sat second row..the head so pain lor.. but when the show started awhile..walao we sat upright lor.. GOOOD GOOD SHOW..its worth the mONEY wor...reached home ard 3.30 buay tahan le..faster remove makeup and KO le.. Ms han oso buay tong liao..

Woke up 8.30 this morning to go service again..walao im so reluctant to wake up lor.. the weather damn good.. and we onli slept a few hrs lor.. THEN I REALISE SOMETHING.. MY MR BEAN's BEAR had been SWOPPED!!!!! coz mine is veri slim de.. MUST BE TAT CHELSIA.. SHE GO AND EXCHANGE coz hers is the super fat one.. see the face felt like slapping those kind.. ARRRGGHH so angry she KIDNAPPEd MY BEAR.. Saw her this morning..throw back tat FAT BEAR to her.. and she tot i nv realise..FAT HOPE lor.. SHE BETTER bring my bear next week IF NOT I SURE KILL HER de....hehe.. coz i realli like tat bear veri long le.. and so difficult then got it.. hur hur so sad..need to wait one more week to see the bear bear...

Ok la..no matter wad still want to thank this two SHITTY CLUB MEMBER..they brought joy into my life yst.. appreacitate it spending Christmas wit them.. XH got mi a foot scrub(maybe she tinks my feet stinks..sob sob) i just used it and now its so smooth woohoo.. and oso tat KIDNAPPER for the Spag top haha first time lei..hope they enjoy themselves too....

Christmas is going to over soon.. and new yr coming.. lets end these last few days of 2005 well ba... Tadah going to get my beauty slp now le..and get charged up for tonite steamboat...woohoo

With Love, 2:36 PM

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