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Thursday, November 10, 2005'♥


Im home super early today.. too tired and broke to go anywhere.. Asked my darling weisi to go down for a walk wit mi.. actually is i want to rent vcd la..hehe.. so the auntie of the shop said.. ur daughter ah?? so cute..jitao pengs.. anyway i rented CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY woohoo...been wanting to watch the show for dunno how long le.. bought some tidbits for darling weisi.. i finally received my blouse tat i bought online le.. and due to their mistake..they gave mi a MICKEY MOUSE NOTEBOOK as compensation..haha so cute first time i saw this kind of good service..anyway i nv angry oso la..its just tat im too suay tat time le...

Back to my title.. UGLY DUCKLING...why did i said tat?? all becoz of something darling weisi told mi.. Her class went to one of the Kampung for excursion.. then they are supposed to feed the swan.. my darling weisi onli like WHITE SWAN she onli feed them..here comes the BLACK SWAN which she think is UGLY.. so she bo hiew them.. then dunno wad happen..darling weisi was chased by the BLACK SWAN..then too enthu liao.. fall into the pond.. i cant help but keep laughing.. its so funni lor.. lucky its nt veri deep.. haha when i ask her.."then ur shoes got goldfish ma??" she replied.."where got lor..i fall down they tot earthquake come liao faster swim away liao la"..notice the word LIAO LA..she seemed so confident when answering tat man.. i realli veri pei fu..kids of this generation..they are so funni, cute, witty and intelligent.. they love to ans back gong gong answer which makes u laugh non stop lor...

Mama cooking is the best.. i cant even go on diet ..maybe its becoz i reali veri long nv stay at home and eat le ba.. i feel tat i got alot of things to talk to weisi and her sis.. its been long since i went out of my room and talked to them le.. last time(depression period) i wld come home and shut myself up in my room.. i missed my family...seriously i do..if ur like mi long time nv eat home cooked food.. nv realise ur goldfish long time nv change water... ur dad got more white hair le.. ur hse two weeks nv mop. tink its time for u to stay at home and spend some time wit ur family le ba..of coz above are EXAMPLES..doesnt mean my hse is so DIRTY la..hehe

While im typing this entry..Caesar msged mi.. he's now drinking wit pighead ask mi go out.. NO WAY!!!drinking lei.. my U KNOW WAD phobia is sill there...bu hao yi si la.. i know u sure curse and swear say i buay ON de.. haha.. see la.. they keep saying i reject them..argggghh... CANNOT MEANS CANNOT..laoniang damn sian to go out le..dun psycho mi.. plss.. i knw ur reading this entry hor.. now u know how persistent ur rite..hehe..next time la...

With Love, 7:48 PM

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