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Saturday, November 05, 2005'♥

This is going to be a long post i assure u first...

TGIF...Thank God its Friday...normally i would have cg de..but becoz of the bible study in church i wont be having cg for three weeks..which indirectly means....IM FREE ON THREE FRIDAY>>>>>BOOK MI PLS>>>PLS SERIOUSLY>>IM A LONELY WOMAN...hahha.. so here i am in the office.. with my FRIDAY BLUES...thinking of where to go yst nite.. Jess msged mi and jio mi go MOMO..i was like so TEMPTED...but see my pockets...diaoz... but BEFORE 10 free entry lei..hehe so i jio a few frens..all kanna tempted by mi...but... in the end none go..hahaha...siao rite..lol..

Plan number two: orite so i cant chiong le.. no khakis..and tat si ren jess pang seh in the end i tink she go somewhere else...so i decided to go somewhere to have a drink and listen to music.. Baclavia or Fisherman??? wanted to get myself drunk.. coz its veri shiok lor...but LATER I REGRET (read on further to see y) so i msged Lena.. and she too said she wanted to go fisherman wit Belinda and Wendy..both i met before de...orite..so set liao...then Dear Miss Lena said she not going down le...diaoz...

Plan number three: Laoniang gave up hope of going out le...i go rent a vcd..THE DAY AFTER TMR...my fav show..as i have not watched it before..haha....wanted to watch it late at nite...nv had dinner..no mood lei..but I REGRET (read on further to know y) so once i reached home im stuck on my com.. chatting wit fren..how boring it is...then at ard 9plus i realli buay tahan liao..no ppl online...ah zhu came online.. sad tat her bf broke off wit her.. so here we are..two fan nu ren...wanted to go out and have a breather....BUT....SHE AND I ARE NORTH POLES AND SOUTH POLES APART!!!somemore we are realii damn broke lor...tot of going kopitiam drink.. siao rite.. but in the end she suggested ktv...ting ting ting...so msged lena abt VIOLET's PRICING...den...she replied tat SHE IS THERE>>>diaoz..and asked mi go down.. BUT... MY DEAR AH ZHU said she paiseh.. and in the end DUN WAN TO GO...one day kanna pang seh for dunno how many times lei...suan liao lor..so LAONIANG PLUCK OUT MY COURAGE haha go down to SERANGOON GARDEN first time in my LIFE....

Reached there ard ten plus ba..Wendy came out and find mi..hehe bu hao yi si la.. then saw UNCLE KENJI, BERLINDA and LENA..hehe at first act abit paiseh ma..but when the WU BAI song came out..buay tahan liao...WU BAI WO AI NI...lol...so i started to sing sing sing...but nt alot..coz the KTV QUEEN dunnno dian how many songs liao lor...ya enjoying myself..and at the same time kanna forced to drink by MISS WENDY...and UNCLE KENJI..VODKA PLUS ORANGE JUICE... tell u from now on....NO MORE ORANGE JUICE FOR MI..they are under the same category wit CHIVAS...all becum U KNOW WAD liao..(onli certain ppl will know wad it means)...even now as im typing i feel like puking when U KNOW WAD is being mention...

Everyone in the room got their own lovestory..all nt veri good de of coz.. they said im veri lucky first time go then saw uncle KENJI broke down...ya i got quite abit shocked la..coz to me he appear to be veri strong de lei.. so Berlinda and him went out to eat...left the three of us.. then suddenly three guys appear..they are Berlinda's fren...i was quite high tat time liao..but i still remember their names, ELTON, JEFFREY and TERENCE...quite friendly ba.. oh ya when im drunk..i appear to be veri happy... super friendly de.. i dun remembered alot of things liao..i onli know mi and jeffrey sang the WU BAI SONG.. the hokkien duet...haha.... becoz tt TERENCE is sitting besides mi.. so my dear LENA tot im interested in him...diaoz.. *its u rite aim veri long le hor* need number i help u get from BER...lol..i didnt remember i got take any photos wit wendy and him... wad i know its that...the ktv so early close de...at 1am dioaz..

Dunno how and why..i was dragged into the cab by Wendy..coz we stayed quite near.. they asked mi to take care of her..yes i sure WILL de...haha...and dunno how i started to puke...pengs in the cab..lucky the uncle got plastic bag..shit la throw face lor.. i dun rememberd much le.. i onli know when we reached liao.. i was still puking outside the CC of my hse...and the uncle even came down to see if im ok..tks UNCLE although i forget ur face le..ur so nice...so left mi and wendy...she such a good fren..i tink she helped mi to throw the yummy.. i mean yucky stuff away..and she pei mi..i DIDNT CRY...i wanted to but no tears lei..SO MISS WENDY dun tell ppl i got CRY hor..hehe and i forgot where i STAYED!!!...poor ger have to find my IC and sent mi home.. i dunno how far we walked.. and she veri clever lei..can find my way home...then the next thing i know.. she came to my rm...then i just lie dead on my bed.. tks lei wendy.. then she went home herself..*although she did nt after tat* (refer to Lena's blog) for more details..coz im dead at tat time liao..

This morning wake up.. wit the TERRIBLE FEELING.. HANGOVER!!!! shit tat time just kanna..now AGAIN!! argh..woke up at 6 in the morning..and on and off go vomit.. and its all water...PS: pls eat something first if u wanna go drink the best advice is eat some butter or drink milk first) called ah boy..wanted to complain to him and let him suffer wit mi...but i tink he's dead too at tat time..he went DEVIL'S BAR again...and drunk too...he onli called mi in the morning.. and give mi a GOOD SCOLDING...tks lei..so much of tinkin he will actually comfort mi..haha..then Lena called mi and asked how am i ...haha tks ger...they all veri shocked when the person tat is drunk its mi..coz i appear to be veri steady..pui lor.. its tmd throw my BIG BIG face liao.. PROMISE I WONT DRINK AGAIN... haha...

PHOTOS even though i dunno got how much will be up soon.. ppl ask mi y do i want to make myself drunk... ANS is veri simple..coz he dun like mi to drink and chiong.. at that period.. i tried to be a good and lovely ger...ive changed becoz of him..but now.. NO MORE REASON for mi to do so le.. the promise have been broken...

Orite got to go brush up abit le.. shit where is my bag??? sian im going to go look for it le...buai buai

With Love, 12:22 PM

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