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Wednesday, November 23, 2005'♥


PBD stands for..Pre birthday depression...i tink im having tat rite now..been feeling abit moody tat im actually gonna turn 21 few days more.. i haven achieve anything great in life yet..and here i am wasting my youth and time on something useless.. I dunno wads my future gonna be like..

Going to celebrate my birthday in Strand Hotel on Friday.. I onli invited some close frens and cousins... nv realli invited all of my frens.. sorri guys im broke ok.. so tats wad i can afford now.. So frens who are coming..the theme for tat day is BLACK..pls wear BLACK hor.. and try to reached before dinner lor.. i will be checking in at ard 1pm ba..

But.. on my actual day no one celebrate wit mi ..hais.....so now i tink i will stayed at home ba...and sing zhu wo sheng ri kuai le.. lol.. Andy jio mi go GENTING coz we had the same birthday.. but i dun wan coz nt veri nice la..although stayed diff room... tried to jio ppl go..but all not free if not is broke oso...hais.. sianz...nvm la. still got next yr..

Well Baobei had been asking abt my wishlist..shall copy and paste this from the previous post...

Becoz i knew tat u all cant afford it...i understand just put just in case some rich guys browse my blog?? lol

@ Digital Cam.. LUMIX..wait long long rite.. got any brand oso can la.. but dun those veri poor quality oso la...

@ Mp3..sobs sobs.. mine just lost..supposingly its nt suppose to be here..im contented wit the previous one..although its nt ZEN or Ipod..just a simple one tat had 256mb will do..tks...

@ Handphone...hehe this one super impossible rite.. so dun need to say out the model oso la.. coz its super duper bu ke neng de..hehe...

@ GUess watch..omg tks to xh im addicted to this GUESS watch again..its gold in colour and costed $195 so i tink i dun need to post the pic oso la..hehe...'

Pai ming bu fen xian hou haha..

@ Vouchers..all kinds of vouchers hopefully from Dorothy Perkins, Ebase...Hotel Vouchers etc.. but no NTUC is allowed hor..and u all dun go chiong for these hor..look below got nicer gifts de relax....

@ Flowers..bu yao lian rite..ask ppl buy flowers for herself.. lol.. i wan roses hor.. if nt tulips..if nt Daisy..hehe.. just a small bundle will do..no chrysanthemum pls... i beg u nOOOOOOO!!!!

@ Wallet.. coz my wallet spoilt le.. black one wit compartments and can put picture de.. GUESS ONE OSO CAN .. hehe..

@ Bag..yeah i need bags...

@ Handmade cards or stuffs..anything tat is handmade.. i wan nice nice angel de..heeh...

@ The teddy bear lor.. the one u handmade urself de..

@ Tickets to GENTING....

@ Cosmetics or Perfume set lor..now nearly xmas sure alot promotion lor.. or SKII miracle water i dun mind lor seriously...

@ Birthday Cake..laoniang no money buy cake lor..so simples wan will do la.

@ Money MONEY AnD STILL MONEY.. hehe if u realli dunno wad to buy.. dun hestiate to gif mi MONEY.. i NEED IT MAN.. lol.. put nicely..ANG POW la...

Tadah tats all ba..

Just reached home after going out wit Ying Ying.. I celebrated her bd for her.. onli the two of us lor.. In Jack's Place.. then i asked the staff to secretly sang her a bd song wit the cake.. hmmm im so romantic rite.. anyone like to haf a romantic gf?? pls email mi at kerin155@hotmail.com...haha.. yea she's quite touched la.. she oso veri ke lian lor.. no one celebrate for her.. so i did wad an old fren shld do..bought her a key pendant..hehe from perlini silver..anyway i just hoped tat she can be happy la.. together wit her BABY JAYDEN.. must take good care of him ok..hehe..

Congrats to Lena..read ur blog abt u and MR K.. wad does ppl say doesnt matter wad matters most is ur heart.. its the feelings tat counts.. Whether its good or not.. at least ur happy at the moment can le..

I dun wish for much this birthday.. i just hoped tat u will at least msg or gif mi a call to wish mi happy birthday...but i tink its impossible... coz u haf long forgotten abt it....

With Love, 10:33 PM

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