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Wednesday, November 30, 2005'♥


Supposed to mit Beloved for dinner and chill out session at Balcony Cafe...BUT>>>>>when we reached there.. EBAY the company is CELEBRATING their birthday..so they BOOKED the WHOLE CAFE>..damn it how suay can it be..

So we had no choice in the end went Marche to had our dinner.. FOOD was SO SO onli la..Lena msged mi and said she wanted to pass me my present..well then we waited for her lor..since nowhere to go oso...

While waiting saw this Chocolate Fountain outside HEEREN.. dan shioik lor..bought the cheapest lor.. MARSHMALLOW and we dipped it into the fountain..damn shiok.. becoz of tat we fought for the chocolate lor..its so tmd delicious..wantedd to lick the box too but... no xing xiang lor..haha..

Lena asked where are we going after tat.. we realli had no idea..coz we both super broke le.. then she said go KTV..since beloved got the voucher..Met Lena and Kennetth first.. was surprised they actually bought me SUNFLOWERS..so now i got 4 BOUQUET in my room le..haha so pretty.. tks tks.. and guess wads the present.. haha tink u all will get a shock lor.. tadah its......

A VIBRATOR...diaoz and a super cute one... im shoccked lor..ahha first time lei.. means im old liao lei.. must take care of my OWN NEEDS haha..tks ah...

pei the couple go BILLY BOMBERS...yeah they are so super duper loving lor.. me and beloved felt like throwing the plates on them haha jkin la. ah ber and kenji joined us later.. after tat went to PARTYWORLD CUPPAGE PLAZA.. super big rain.. im happy tat there is no liquour at all lor..so i drank my fav jasmine milk tea..yummy.. beloved was the STAR of the nite she keep singing.. as usual the room atmosphere was veri down coz of some problems ah ber they all facing..

DUNNO why laoniang sing sing sing until i broke down liao.. when singing tat wu bai song.. i realli ren veri long le.. i cried becos im disappointed.. he dun even msged to wish mi.. y do things turn out like dat.. super paiseh lor.. i tik they got a shock too.. but now im fine le la.. just a sudden thought ba..

Happy tat i took a day off tmr..so tmr i can slp and slp.while they are there working woohooo..jealous ba.. pics will be uploaded...

As for the vibrator..ahem will try it one day.. see whether the battery strong enough ma.. lol jkin la.. tks lena and pals..and tks kennetth to send mi home...hope to mit up soon...going to slp le..pics will be up soon....

My throat feels so itchy..guess im going to be sick real soon...GOD BLESS ME...

With Love, 1:26 AM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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