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Saturday, November 19, 2005'♥

My first COckroach....

TIme now 4.27am..just reached home not long ago...yes yes.. i got my nitelife again.. this time we went to the ktv pub tat my cousin opened ok.. its three storey located at Beach Road.. i found it still nt bad la..although its singing at Hall de.. cosy lor.. just like those in Boat Quay de.. and most importantly the liqour are cheap...coz gt discount ma..

NO NO NO.. i didnt drank seriously.. i onli had two glasses of RED WINE!!!!...ya doc says red wine is good for health.. ya went there in a big grp.. Lizhu, Lena. Jasmine, Lena's cousin, Uncle Kenji, Ah ber, Kenneth, xiao Kenneth, my cousin Silvia and her two colleagues.. power rite.. but we sat different tables la..coz too big grp le.. the crowd there ok ok la..coz newly opened de.. and they realli ordered the VODKA ORANGE lor!!!! burps..when i saw that bottle of orangey liquid man...eeeekks..

All tried to trick mi into drinking it...but i didnt lor.. esp my cousin she's super drunk and behaving like a mad woman...i tink mi and lizhu is the best la.. we both keep eating tidbits nia.. lol.. so we are the MOST SOBER IN THERE... but the atmosphere was nt veri good la.. Silvia is super stressed at work, Ah ber got some problems.. Lena..still need to say meh..wit that MR K just beside her.. haiz.. so she go Calm DOwn.. who knows everyone is so concern abt her.. phew...one by one left.. hahaha i was...on the phone talking wit BUAY ON KIA..then i went up and saw my poor ah zhu there wit my cousin's grp.. diaoz..

Tink all of them got some unhappiness in their life.. but drinking makes them happy... at least runaway for a certain period of time ba.. fan er mi and li zhu was so sian coz we are so SOBER.. our problems is still wit us the whole nite.. haiz.. cannnot tahan anymore.. finally left at 3.30 like dat..took cab home.. buay tong liao..Silvia is still there lor.. hope ER JIE will take care of her.. they are so super high.. oh ya.. i find tat the Bartendar WAYNE is super cute.. and he sings so manly.. so many of them eyeing him man.. TINK TINK TINK haha.. gt to know a few guys.. Nick, Sam, Alvin... friendly dudes.. but all too old liao la.. ard thirty plus.. hehe.. bachelor wor.. who want to know them??

Im so proud of myself today..cz i realli stand on to my conviction.. nv drink realli means nv drink..good good well done SHIRLEY.. first thing when i reached home..saw the cockroach on my table..damn it lao niang ren ta ren heng jiu le.. so i took out my BYGONE..psssssssssssssssssssssssttttt haha..it flew up u know.. shit it actually got wings..but lao niang super pissed liao..bo chap so much le.. let it struggled for its life.. and i took the tissue paper and throw it into the rubbish chute.. first time in my whole life i nv woke my parents up to catch tat stupid cockroach.. hehe jia you wor..

I dialed ur number on my hp.. but when i wanted to call u.. i hestitated..i tot of u and ur gf.. .so loving and s weet.. i realli do miss u..

With Love, 4:01 AM

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