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Tuesday, November 29, 2005'♥


Tks all my frens for wishing mi HAPPY BIRDAY.. yeah its just another normal day.. but i appreciate ur effort ok....

Was home at noon.. coz i applied half day ma..and tmr full day.shiok rite..since i got the leave might as well used it lor..on the way home saw a nun..and she hold my hand..passed mi a braclet.. diaoz... i tink she's from China.. i told her its ok i dun need it.. but she keep giving it to mi..yah so in the end i donated five dollars.. pengs.. i put the braclet at one place near my hse..coz i cant take it lor..Im a Christian lor.. so whoever who took tat ALL THE BEST ba..its suppose to be a ping an braclet..quite nice actually...

Was at home chatting wit PIGHEAD the whole afternoon.. talked to him makes mi feel happy.. coz he is a XIAO NAN REN...lol..and now then i know he always go BALA de.. nv saw him before...

Dun talked so much le got to go prepare le..mtiing my beloved tonite.. who who who..wait for photos lor..haha...

Happy Birthday Shirley....

Oh ya photos of tat day..enjoy viewing ba...

Baobei mi and NINI..

baby charlotte's mummy mi and nini.. haha

Hey why all got nini de.. hmmmpphh..

THe four MEi NU... haha.. CHelsia JOINED ouR FAMILY le..

THe OTHER FAMILY.. CHEC ROX...AARON and nini is being tricked into wearing BLACK hahahha...so funni...

Want to know how lao chek looks like..??

My Fabian my lao chek..hehe tks for the present and coming hor..srry nv entertain u alot// PS: thks for picking up the rubbish hehe

THe time came and mi to kanna sabo.. ya ur eyes is ok..SINGAPORE IS SNOWING ON THAT DAY..tks lei..u can see all the CULPRIT'S FACE ..wawa ni gen wo ji zhu hor.. next yr ur bd muahaha....'

Make a wish...Make A wish..SNow WHITE making a wish hahaha...

I tink i look prettier like dat haha..


ALot of ppl says we look like sisters..but in fact she's my maria...haha

Wang and Harry potter came over.. my laogong lei..

Mi and my beloved laogong..hhaha...

my NEW HARRY....

THey say i look like selling beer de auntie wearing this.. haha

Time to sleep le..tadah... the Pyjamas PARTY girls...lol

Of coz still got alot of pics.. i tink total took ard one hundred pls..lazy to upload so much le.. ortite im late again..better be going if not beloved will be ANGRY le..haha

With Love, 4:14 PM

Lover ♥

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