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Friday, November 11, 2005'♥

Moving On....Living On

Friday le.. last week de today.. i was happily in ktv wit Lena they all.. so fast and its FRIDAY again...

A long week for mi.. to lose soemthing that i like... to lose something precious.. to try to not miss someone too much...but anyway im MOVING ON...I decided to live on well.. most impt happily....

Supposingly mit ah jin for la kopi session.. but i tink he super buay on de lor.. ahah no la its me.. im tired lor..so nv mit him....

Work was busy nv knew tat Cheryl is such a GREAT IMPACT...now then i knw how much responsiblities she had... Rec Club today..had a fair.. selling things veri cheap.. so mi and some colleagues went up to SHOP...wahha..nice stuff.. bought the WOH HUP sauce for mummy..cheap cheap cheap..so ill be expecting homecooked LAKSA from mummy ba.. they got this machine...tat can make fruits to yogurt de.. haha last time in ITE our sch oso got.. suddenly think of mei mei..coz the both of us like to eat alot.. bought that to office and eat..shiok man.. the whole office was so excited abt it.. hahaha LAME rite.. coz wking life too sian liao..nan de got things for them to be so excited...

After work went Parkway Parade wit SUFEN..coz its super long since i went there liao..and she need to get something.. SO much for being tired rite?? haha saw a place where u can make ur own teddy bear, record ur voice too.. keep pestering sufen to do one for my birthday.. but i guess the one at ESPLANADE is better ba.. I remembered once when i was wit him at Esplande we saw this shop..and i asked him to make one for mi too.. haha so bu yao lian rite...ANYWAY.. I WANT THE BEAR.. I JUST HEARD from tat BUAY ON KIA..he actually went to do one for his AHEM EXX...so nice rite... I OSO WANT!!! got birth cert somemore de lei.. hur hur.. pls go esplanade de...coz the bear nicer.. su fen u heard tat???? Buay on KIa zi dong yi dian hor...

Took a cab home wit sufen.. COMFORT must be happy tat i keep supporting them nowadays ever since i started working.. diaoz.. Have decided to go back Batam next week le..dun miss mi ba.. i missed my relatives there.. i need some time off...hehe..

He called mi while im shopping just nw.. perhaps its been long since i talked to him..perhaps i have adapted my life without him these few days...my heart is still....

im still trying to ask tat BUAY ON KIA out for prata.. gt money treat gers watch movies no money acc mi EAT PRATA... u know who u are hor...KIN LA>>THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG haha

With Love, 11:19 PM

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