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Friday, November 04, 2005'♥

Love is a splendid thing.. It helps to bring out ur character.. builds up ur emotions... make u happy today.. sad tmr...you're just like sitting on a roller coaster...wit ups and downs...Some ppl might be lucky to find someone tat they can depend on for the rest of their lives.. but not everyone is lucky...but still... love is special...to be loved is a wonderful thing..whereas to love is another diff thing... good or bad depends on the person u choose...

Just finsihed removing my make up...how tough is it to be a ger...u gt lots of things to take care of...whereas guys can just jump on their bed and slp like a pig...we gers have to remove this and that.. its such a nuisance and tedious procedure.. but in such a competitive world..where there are so many pretty gers out there.. we ugly gers have to make EXTRA effort by applying lots of stuff on our pathetic face...which is often clogged wit oil, polluted by dust and dirt...how i wish to be a guy seriously....

In the afternoon..went to MELVIN's House for some gathering.. bought ice cream... and my baked cookies.. but due to the heavy feasting on Tuesday.. the ice-cream kinda of turn me off..haha..then they ordered Canadian Pizza...nt bad i shld said... ate two pieces.. and i rushed all the way to PS to mit the seven sisters..

Let mi count, i tink its been ard six mths since we last saw each other?? AGAIN...how fast TIME FLIES....most of us rebonded our hair and looked different..emerly dyed her hair..and its nt bad.. better than black hair ba.. mei mei is still so cute and sweet...wei wei looked better wit fringe.. hk oso better wit this haircut..gilyn heng better oso wit rebonded hair.. but no red toe nail pls... jessie always the same..still look so chao lao..ahha thinner abit nia la...met them at Pizza HUT..wad PIZZA again?? haha of coz nt u tink i mad ah.. ordered pasta..and i can certainly said tat..IT SUXXXXXXX..then its photo taking time..snap and snap like nobody's business after all we had TWO CAM there woohoo...

THen... its me and GILYN birthday celebration.. i love the brownie cake...its nice nice.. and oso the present...wooho...ya.. feeling abit wierd to celebrate my bd so soon.. haven even prepared the birthday wish... haha im quite depressed when i saw the candles.. 2 big one and one small one.. shit.. how how how!!!!! u tell mi.. y so old le.. sobs sobs..the gers bought mi and gilyn a pendant...mind u GOLD ONE hor.. mai siao siao.. wit a key and a bear..woohooo so cute u know.. photos shall be uploaded some other day..bear wit mi ba.. but i realli sincerely wanted to thank them for their effort..becoz they haven been having disagreement abt the planing.. i guess...i love u gers seriously..

We went to boat quay nt to chiong but the riverside lor..to take pics.. initially esplanade...but its late..somemore its a place of memories.. i dun wan to jump down the sea there..lol.. remembered the last time i went there was alone.. regarding the poly stuff.. i went there alone to tink things through.. tat time still wit him.. he was wking and im quite depressed abt the poly stuff... went there alone.. wit carona in my hands.. when he finished work le he called mi and comforted mi...ONCE AGAIN>>>TIME FLIES....

So here we are taking tonnes of phots.. with different poses.. all of us were so sian of wking tmr.. FRIDAY BLUES for the first time.. wking life is like dat de lor.. mei mei u better do ur job hor..faster send mi the pics..and hk I WARNED u ...LAST TIME TAKE DOWN THE STUPID PICS OFF UR FRENSTER ACC hor.. its so chou..haha..now u can change liao hor..

I did enjoyed myself today..pity tat the time passed so fast...next outing is 4 dec HOPEFULLLY...and this time let us mit super early ba..hhee...miss ya gurls...

"Lord i thank You for everything in my life rite now.. but there is one thing i hope u will take away from mi... the ABILITY to love...I dun wan to get into relationship now.. Lord take away all those emotion from mi.. i dun wan to complicate my life further more.. i dun wan to be tempted by ungodly relationship...I just wan to be me... I just wan to be SINGLE... I just want to be HAPPY.. Let mi find my focus in You...Amen...

With Love, 12:25 AM

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