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Wednesday, November 16, 2005'♥

Lost and Found...

Was super pissed off wit MR LONG CHENG this morning..He called mi at 6am!!!! to ji siao mi.. arggghh where i onli slept at 2am..shit him lor.. at first i tot its ah BOY.. i cant figure out who is the person liao..both sound the same..He called mi and keep saying i miss u alot.. i tink he is drunk liao...si long cheng dunno go where gui hun, drunk liao then call mi..arrggghhh.. my beauty sleep is spoilt by him....

Msged ah boy and said.."oei u veri free hor"...then he called mi and asked wad happen..diaoz..its not him.. he oso kanna ji siao at 5am lor.. si long cheng u better dun let mi see u..if not i give u 5 TIGHT SLAP!!!!...

Work was fun today.. felt that after a few mths wking there. i manage to relate to everyone there..and we had fun chatting and laughing...milk oso asked mi alot of things...like..do u have a bf?? pengs..so long nv ans this qns le... NO LA I DUN HAVE LOR>> my heart belongs to someone else de..wa...super touching rite..yeah bullshit...

Yeah something for mi to happy abt.. ard everning..mummy called mi and said the person send back my ic to mi ...hmm nt send ba.. its by HAND put inside.. well well.. and oso my debit card.. hmm but too bad i made the replacement card le.. abit disappointed la..dun have my company de access card.. i know mp3 is not impossible de lor ...i onli hope gt company access card.. anyway to whoever u are.. tks la..at least u still got some liang xing lor..and i missed my teletubby pic on the ic hehe...

Just came back from church...these few days have nt been resting well everyday slept at 1plus.. so abit tired lor.. tmr will be meeting BELOVED HAN for steamboat at suntec woohoo..waited for so long le.. after tat might be going down to Lena's dad wake wit trish.. but see how late i ate finish ba.. coz tmr last nite le.. must ask wendy whether she got go anot..

I find tat im always able to relate myself better to guys who are younger than mi..y huh.. guys who are closer to mi are often YOUNGER than mi.. like jerry hong jin.. wei han..amos..mat tan..jianxiang..elisha... pengs lei.. like dat how.. and oso not to mention the scandal of mi and qingfa.. (*they like to put us together although he's gf was there yst too) still got alot lor..how how how i like old man de.. pls intro some old man to mi ok??

Hao la laoniang damn sleepy le... tonite will be on my guard if LONG CHENG called again.. i will make sure his ears will be deaf..mauhaha evil mi

With Love, 1:02 AM

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