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Wednesday, November 02, 2005'♥

In another 7 hrs time i will be waking up getting ready for work le..so y am i still here blogging???

Reason no 1: I just reached home after church's bible seminar...
Reason no 2: Im too full to go slp now...
Reason no 3: I just read MISS TUPPERWARE'S blog

So lets start wit REASON NO 1 ba... today i went church for the bible seminar by PST KONG on the TABERNACLE...its so good.. and so many ppl tat i sat at the LOBBY can imagine how many ppl neh?? lol gt lots of revelation and i decided to be BAPTISE after my birthday...

Waited for Jerry... the two bus going to TAMP is so JAM PACKED...Chelsia and wei wei they all went up...but here i am standing there waiting for JERRY... i shld be awarded the MOST LOYALTY FREN AWARD...i waited and waited... and guess wad...THE BUS WENT OFF!!!tks lor.. and then here is MR JERRY..strolling out from church... diaoz... he must be damn touched lor...haha...so we took the stupid bus to TIONG BAHRU... reached there saw MAC still open... the HUNGRY DEVIL IS TEMPTING US... shit.. and we both ate fries..argghhh of coz ITS ON HIM LA>..all his fault tat im landed tere..haha then we took a cab back home.. lucky haven rain...im so tired now....

Went MS earlier... wit my beloved Chelsia... today realli ate alot sia..die liao la.. we ate at CHANGING APPETITES i tink their desserts is veri nice lor.. then we went shop shop... saw a top i like at DP...haiz no money season.. so ren ba....reached home..then andrew msged mi in msn.. eh i saw u in ms today lei...u are veri chio lei... at first tot its from ITE de ANDREW..so i replied.. nice try lei andrew ur veri good at lying nowadays..after some time... damn shit and paiseh its not him..its the other ANDREW... someone i nv met before i tink i knew him in gunbound or wad de.. damn paiseh lor... he saw mi in dp... no wonder i kept seeing this guy staring at mi....and guess wad he DATED mi out lei.. hahah.. seldom got guys date mi out de lei.. as in tell mi orally la...hohoho

So many ppl saw mi these few days..and nv bother to call mi de lei..all like dat de.. y lei..my face veri fierce meh...duhz.. the most shit thing is when ur veri lang bei then u saw someone u knew...oh man..no xing xiang at all ahaha....

I wanted to slp de... nt after when i read MISS TUPPERWARE blog.. diao.. she go and post up my last time pic....tat i dun even know where is it now liao.. tks lei MR AH JIN..i didnt even know i gave it to u.. tks lor.. its tmd paiseh... i nt pan tu hor.. i didnt even know its lost.. must be HIM stole it away from mi lor.. hahaha.. walao i look damn kuku disgusting lor.. wad tarepanda omg...shit shit shit.. si tupperware i shall sued u lor.. made mi damn malu now..esp the one wit sunglass walao eh..then the hair like those in the 60s de..argggghhh mei lian jian ren liao la..all tks to u...u better pray hard tat i nv go dig out ur stupid photos and scan lor hahaha...since she post up liao..no harm showing u all lor..


Orite la laoniang veri tired le... go slp liao la.....if nt tmr sure faint de lor...

With Love, 1:10 AM

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