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Thursday, November 10, 2005'♥

I FoRsee....

My right eyelid have been twitching so often today..even now when im typing this entry..wad does tat means??

Time now is 1.16am.. y am i still awake?? just got home not long ago..there's church wide bible study tonite in church..ended at 11pm..went together wit JERRY and HONGJIN..in btw we are getting abit distracted...so we passed notes to each other..like small kids will do in primary sch..haha...topic is ROTI PRATA...and suddenly Pastor talked abt ROTI PRATA..amazing rite.. im trying so hard not to burst out laughing...

Y roti prata?? Becoz i didnt had dinner.. my stomach was growling during BS..and the PST were preaching abt the SHOW BREAD in the Tabernacle....so we talked of wad to eat after tat....Hong jin had to sent the young ger vanessa home..coz so late le..so left mi and JERRY.. I slept inside the bus..too tired le..had a dream..but i forgot wad is it abt le..then suddenly... the bus jerked and i got a shock and they all looked at mi and laugh..like im an idiot.. haiz so paiseh..

We went to eat at S-11, sad lei no PRATAS... coz simply too hungry to walk until my hse downstairs..then after tat he walked mi home.. hope he reached home by now le ba.. its starting to rain le...tks jerry..ur my best brother...too bad tmr got work..if not sure go simpang de...haha

Talk abt my day..same usual day... wit alot of KUEHs on my desk.. my malay colleague are so nice..everyday got different kuehs de.. my desk now is full of food lor.. im blessed wit tat man.. haha.. makes mi feel abit paiseh..they always gif then i nv gif them back something nt nice ma..so i bought chocolates for some of them... yeah no more pineapple tarts le.. im so scared of it now..as much as im scared of ORANGE JUICE..Cheryl went on her block leave le.. haiz.. sian lei.. i dun feel liek wrking tmr at all..but come to think of it..wei le money..chiong chiong chiong ba..

Wld be going home str after wk tmr.. im too tired le.. soemmore i had rent the show CHARLIE and the CHOCO FACTORY..hope its nice ba...tats the life of a lonely woman ba.....

He used to call mi everyday.. but recently.. nt at all le.. its been five days...the last time he told mi his ex met him...i wonder how is he now???

With Love, 1:14 AM

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