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Sunday, November 13, 2005'♥

Hmmm Busy Sat Nite...

My eyelids hab been twitching for abt one week??? its abit irritating sometimes i realli dunno wad happening to it man.. i just pray tat its something good ba..(cross my fingers)...its my right eye de eyelid anyway..

Went church early today..coz im serving Gloria Jeans...sales was damn good today..coz Pst Ulf came from Sweden to preach.. its so jam packed...ya his msg was funni and good..learnt alot today.. im too tired from serving today.. but i cherish every moment of it.. coz im left wit one more time to serve..and after tat church is moving to EXPO and sadly to say Gloria Jeans wont be moving there.. sob sob.. i missed my ministry.. i missed the members there.. now im tinking hard of what ministry to join again..sianz..a sense of loss ba...

Was in service..then got a msg from FORTUNATE...haha dunno who ba..guess hard la.. its Xiaohan la.. last time put her name as this..coz i tink she veri fortunate but now i tink must change liao..change to BELOVED..y?? coz she msged mi and told mi tat she found something that i always wanted..i replied her a husband ah?? pengs rite.. she replied "something that u've lost and ur veri sad" Tadah!!! yes ur rite.. its my beloved EBASSE bag..not in the sense tat she found the one wit my MP3 on it..(i still praying everyday for it) but its a brand new one.. i tink she go look for it ba..and im quite surprised to know tat its still exist in Singapore.. coz the salesger said that the whole SINGAPORE dun have le.. hmmmm i tink must see the real things..just in case she got the wrong one..haha..no la i have faith in u.. anyway ger.. tks alot.. from the bottom of my heart la..i realli apppreciate the effort.. and u realli fulfill the promises u made to mi.. this shall be the best birthday present hehe...

After closing.. i called jerry and told him wad time i will reach tampines.. then gong gong tze hwa heard tat..he said he oso wan to go eat supper wit us.. .duhz..abit wierd la.. coz they dunno each other.. so we went to 201 which is my hse downstairs for prata...woohoo my fav lei..been craving for it.. See that BUAY ON KIA..see they so ONNNNN not like u haha..so here they are two guys.. both shy shy..pls lei..guys so shy for wad.. so im the ice breaker.. need to entertain both of them..sianz.. so in the end still ok la.. hope tze hwa wont feel awkward la.. jerry sent mi home..and we chatted at my hse downstairs until 3.30..he's been having some relationship troubles la.. i see him so gan kor...i oso feel abit sad for him.. ya they always like to come to mi for help de.. i onli good at couselling ppl.. me myself dunno how to settle my own problems..

I dunno who i love now.. or maybe is like.. i dunno..but definetely.. i still have a past mark in mi..(if u understand wad im talking abt) sometimes i wonder..y are we gers tinking so much.. dont they guys have this kind of problems.. or is it..they dun love much as we do???

Hao le la.. dun tink so much ok Shirley.. its 4.20am liao better slp..tmr LONG DAY ahead.. will be going service again..(pray i can wake up hopefully) then after tat go Shooping wit Yichun..whooohoo..she's the lead actress in Jerry's life now.. going to gif her some couselling too.. hope turns out well ba...Y must the website be down now...(surprise_)

With Love, 3:56 AM

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