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Sunday, November 27, 2005'♥

GOLD 90FM...

I have been influence by Taxi Drivers.. tat now here when im typing this entry im listening to GOLD 90FM.. yeah its perfectly nothing wrong wit listening to it.. but it just...errrrr abit oldies for mi??

I dunno y, but recently im quite attracted to oldies and retro.. no more hip hops, rnb...techno..... dun tell mi its becoz im older.. if like dat i dunn o wad will i be listening when im 50?? lol.. actually oldies is nt tat bad.. i felt peaceful when listening to it at nite.. the music is slow and the lyrics is good tooo.. seriously GOLD 90FM is realli nice.. listen to it after 10pm every nite and ur awarded wit nice songs...hehe..

Back to my day.. finally finished watching my date wit a vampire 3 le.. the ending is nt good..i tink will have part 4 ba.. alot of ppl like mi.. finished watching this series felt like renting part one and two to watch again.. haha now i finally know why le.. coz too many parts we forgot abt it liao..imagin the first series im onli 14 and now 7 yrs gone by le...i cant help to admit im OLD...

I still wished for the SK2 package although baobei says its for old woman.. i need PITERA hahah... im still waiting for nini to send mi the photos..sad man..so late still haven online..nini bian le..got nightlife le hor..hehe..

Yst i enjoyed myself wit u..though its onli a prata session.. but u spent what u got to order food for mi and u.. im realli touched.. thanks for sending mi home.. maybe or not.. tere is a possibility ..whether or not u feel anything...but i just wanna said im happi.. u have biao shi enough le.. present does not meant anything.. im just jking when i keep asking u for biao shi..and im surprise tat u bought mi the CD just when i tot u had no money.. im someone who loves surprises and what u done yst nite is realli ENOUGH le.... Let God decide what happens next ba.. Tks for praying for mi....:p

With Love, 11:34 PM

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