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Monday, November 14, 2005'♥


Had a busy day today.. initially dun feel like waking up at all..but too bad promise liao ppl must zhuo dao.. mind u i slept at 5am ok.. dragged myself up and mit jerry at the bus-stop...

Reached church and went for service.. its great.. Pst Ulf is veri humourous nv fails to make us laugh..lunch was at Jurong point..wit jerry, yichun and Del.. we had KFC Buddy MEAL... then we took EXPRESS 502 to PS...decided to get some stuff for Banchuan's bd.. and oso owe yichun's present ma.. so we shopped and shopped..theme for banchuan's card will be fairy tale..

Sat at Mac and did the card until 10pm..so he better like it.. jerry sent mi home after tat.. u all must be wondering y he so close to mi nowadays.. haha got motive de la.. coz im a free couselor ma.. onli know how to counsel ppl.. my own problems neh..haiz.. onli ah jin knows ba.. i mean BUAY ON KIA...

Read Lena'a blog and im actually quite shocked to see the incident.. im quite affected too..maybe becoz i just saw ur dad one mth ago.. but no matter what i agreed he is a good dad...

To Lena .. Jamsmine and Qingfa...

Be united and love each other more.. brace up and be strong.. Im sure tats wad ur DAD wants to see...

With Love, 1:14 AM

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