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Tuesday, November 15, 2005'♥

Everything is FATED...

Did not had monday blues today.. coz im quite used to it liao.. time passes veri fast when ur busy...without knowing.. its 6pm le..

Met Selyn and Nelson for dinner.. but before they came went shop shop ard wit sufen.. then we decided to do manicure.. yeah..breakthrough first time i do dark coloured de coz the manicurist said tat my fingers are long.. dark colour nicer.. bu hao yi si wor..let the couple jiu den le..went to SAKAE for Dinner..

Ya Nelson is still tat CRAPPY.. did had fun eating wit them, love the soft shell handroll the most...too bad wor NELSON cant eat so much...lol..after dinner they accompanied mi to hail cab..so long and no cab came sianz...

Went down to Lena's dad funeral.. felt realli burden for her...becoz she oredi got so much problems le.. and now she got one more tat is to take up the responsibilites of her dad.. Dear ger.. its difficult initially but we are sure tat u can do it de.. all of us.. ur frens will support u de..Just dun gif up on urself k.. WE are not ur SEASONAL FREN...

Saw quite a number of familiar faces.. they're from church.. Jasmine's ministry and cg fren.. i tink they are quite surprised to see me too...Keep suaning UNCLE DAVID.. he is realli a good guy la.. gers out there dunno how to cherish him..and everytime no matter where we go..everyone tot he is my BF.. die liao la..how to get attached like dat u tell mi??? No more NEXT TIME LIAO..hahah jkin la.. ur my BEST fren wor ....remember hor..if by 30 i nv get married..pls come and propose to mi haha.. i know i will get crush by alot of gers liao..they sure kill mi when i said tat lol.. pls take care of ur health..slp MORE AND BE A PIG!!!!>...

Would be going for BS at CHURCH tmr....miting hj tat crappy man.. wed is XH day... dunno wad it means?? go find the calendar ba..lol...

Everything in life is fated..who u mit.. where u go..what u do....

With Love, 12:18 AM

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