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Wednesday, November 02, 2005'♥

Changes happens all the time.. sometime u dun even notice tat its happening... Same goes with man... we are often so focused on other things tat we neglect our own character,, our own feelings... we didnt even know we have changed to be another person..

Work was not tat busy today as what i have expected... wking life is almost the same everyday.. same ppl, same cases, same customers...but nonetheless.. sometimes its enjoying...

After work i didnt went anywhere.. initially wanted to mit xiaohan de... go on our budget shopping..but then yst nite.. FI called mi and said im on standby to serve Gloria Jeans tonite.. so bu hao yi si wor.. have to reject u.. although i know u are super disappointed..how u long to go out wit mi rite haha...but... in the end i ended up wit nothing..last min SHAWN was free then he went lor.. so here i am..DATELESS haha.. no matter wad i still got SHUFEN..so after wk go TAM MALL and shop shop..she bought her fave DENIM jac from FOX... while i bought a blouse..now gt dist ma 3 pieces 30% off...guess who i saw wking there?? AH CHAI!!!! Lena its ba ba COLLIN's fren.. ahha i tink he look so differnet lor..fa fu le.. then i abit shocked when he called mi.. haha all the best hor.. wk at my old wk place..hehe....

My dear AH BOY is out of job for a week le.. helped him found a few jobs.. tru the papers..but due to holiday there is not much jobs available lor.. but im touched when he went down to one of the interview today.. coz LAZY PIG like him wont be able to wake up,somemore go down for interview.i always gif ppl morning call but he is the EXTREME de lor.. u can find the phone inside pillow, on the floor, at the table anywhere lor.. u need at least a minimum of ten missed call so tat he can hear.. tats the MINIMUM..maximum i tink i said out u all will faint de lor.. ..he told mi tat he gt confidence..so lets pray tat he got this job ba...hehe.. so tat he wont be at home slacking everyday...tinking of wad num to buy for 4D ba...

SIanz my eyes got tat stupid ba chiam.. so painful..whenever i blink..wan to scratch the eyes oso cannot.. tmd.. like a pimple lor.. i nv see ppl bath hor.. i tink im too heaty le la..and its so bloody itchy now..feeling like pokin it out lor..arggggghhhh.. pek chek ah..

Just finished baking laoniang de walnut cookies..this time better le la.. dun gif mi those irritating look hor..at least not so scary lor.. hehe..going to bring it out for the gathering and oso seven sisters to eat lor.. u all better APPRECIATE hor.. my sweat and effort hor..lolz...

Hope i will enjoy myself tmr ba..hehe.. and hopefully cross fingers.. wont spent so much..laoniang super duper broke le hor.. tks for hk and steph for planning my bd celebration tmr.. i know u all waste alot of time and effort..although i dunno wads the surprise la..but im certainly looking forward to mit u guys de... i will take tonnes of photos..so u all better charge batteries hor...hehe..

With Love, 11:38 PM

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