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Thursday, November 17, 2005'♥


This morning when i was making my coffee in the coffee.. i had a revelation.. i find tat our life is like making a cup of coffee...u put too much sugar and u cant taste the real flavour of the coffee...tats when u sailed through ur whole life.. without realising or learning anything... another type is u add some sugar..but there is some bitterness in the coffee.. when u take a sip of it.. ur suddenly awaken by the bitterness.. and it made u remember tat next time to add in more sugar.. same as life.. trials and tribulations are the bitterness in our life.. its onli through all these tat we are "woken" up.. and began to realise and cherish things ard us.. making sure we wont commit the same mistakes again....power rite.. just a food for thought...

Milk talked alot to mi.. and told mi a news tat is so shocking..but i shall nt mention it here... moral of the story everyone had a past.. everyone had a story.. its onli whether they choose to show it on their face ma.. u had two option.. to be or not to be happy.. for mi i choose the first one.. TO BE HAPPY.. everyday is the same.. y choose to be unhappy?? wa.. wads wrong wit SHIRLEY today..."she is filled wit emotions huh" haha i oso dunno y lei.. Maybe the HOLY SPIRIT wants mi to share all these to encourage those who are now in the trial ba.. stay strong and be happy ok??

I decided to went home after work.. but of coz nt str home la.. my mum is going crazy soon if im nt home today.. she called mi yst and asked is it her cooking not nice?? is it i dun love them anymore?? is it i got a bf?? y did i go out everyday and not be at home.. wad if both of them died in the hse?? (WELL THIS IS SUPER RIDICULOUS lor) Super pek chek when i heard that.. its not tat i dun love them.. its just tat im busy this week lor...diaoz.. so wad if im at home.. they be oso watching their tv where i didnt watch for ages.. i will be stuck str infront of the com ma.. oso the same lor.. haiz.. tink she tink too much le la.. but anyway i still love them.. so today i better SHOW my face at home.. haiz..

I went to trim my eyebrow on the way home.. and then due to the influence of XIAOHAN i decided to go for a haircut to trim away all my dead ends.. its at PHASE salon just below my house.. Bennie recommended mi..she said the hairdresser is from REDS last time de..they are super professional.. and true enough i saw poster of stars signature thanking them for doing their hair..so wad did they end up here?? dun ask mi i dunno but i just know tat their service is great.. and they got their own products.. and all my dried ends said bye bye to mi.. now my hair super soft le..woohoo..but SHORT...diaoz.. this is their website.. www.phasehairdressing.com.sg tks bennie for recommending such a good salon...

I did something stupid today.. my heart is too soft le.. haiz.. sacrifice myself for the happiness of others... how gong can i be??

IM BROKE>>>>who want to sponsor mi some money..

With Love, 9:29 PM

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