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Saturday, November 19, 2005'♥


ORittteeeeee im super busy rite now.. just woke up not long ago.. no hangover yeah... im now actually doing BAn Chuan's card..THEME fairy TALES lei..not easy wit a FAILED ART STUDENT doing all these..and im rushing out of time u know...

Fi just called mi and said she's sick so im supposed to take over her duty from GLORIA JEANS but luckily onli opening.. but im super late.. coz she called mi last min..so here i am havent even brush my teeth.. ate my breakfast rushing like a mad woman.. sianz.. but i still BLOGGED.. Y??

COZ... IM watchin HARRY POTTER TONITE>..YEEPEEE>>>so TMD EXCITED wor.. wooohoo HARRY IM COMING DUN MISS MI K...lol... siao le.. all influence by han.. she's mad yes i agreed she is..

Anyway forgot to blog tat GEK HOON one of my colleague treated mi to PIZZA HUT during lunch..as a token for my present..so good and sweet rite.. she's one of the auntie that is good wit mi..yeah..the NEW BBQ CHICKEN SUPREME is dfamn shiok.. im touched la..coz we knew each other not long oso.. and its my first present i received from my co..MORE TO COME wor.. heard them discussing hahaha..woohoo im excited liao..next fri will be celebrating le wor.. baobei ni men excited rite..

my birthday wish has updated liao..will post up soon..im super busy now....

BUSY BUSY BUSY>>>but i still LOVE GOD.....

With Love, 1:10 PM

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