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Tuesday, October 04, 2005'♥

well well well.. i have uploaded some of the pics from lena's chalet...hmm actually stole from her blog la...hahaha nv saw her online ma...

Here they are....

Beloved Jasmine and Lena..the two sisters

Me and the rumours Nan Zhu Jiao..

for those of u who saw yongshun before..dun u tink he look like him?? maybe tats y we able to communicate...ahhh i miss yong shun... my beloved god brother....and seriously i nv xiao kian ur brother hor lena...hahhaha

Me and Bah bah aka Collin...

Just saw him again today near my office building..didnt know he worked downstairs at Gaincity man..of coz he nv fails to bicker wit mi when he saw mi...haha next time must jio him for lunch liao....Note( i didnt know lena's brother eyes can glow at the background haha)

Her cakes....

Cute hor.. la pi xiao xin wor.. the cake beside it is the one mi and david shared de...kinda of inferior wor... bu hao yi si so small lei..hahah...

Trish and Lena...

And lastly...Tada...the COUPLE...

Bah Bah told mi something veri funni tat day.. two months ago..Lena and i went to Jenn's chalet....Lena and Kenneth were sitting down there talking and chatting...just know ma...then two months after upgrade liao..stand at centre cut cake liao...hahah i was laughing man...ya indeed fate is veri amazing de... within a short time alot of tings can happen de..who knws two months later i would attend their wedding?? hahahhaa...oopz..

im so tired rite now..actually wanted to slp de..but i just cant break the habbit of going online everyday...

Just came back from watching the show , THE MYTH wit Kelvin and Ah boy.. nice show lei...i seriously loved guys wearing armour man..they look so charming of coz..not Jackie Chan la... i still prefer Oolaando Bloom...woohoo..

Before tat went to pak pool... nice one man... kept losing to ah boy..super li hai de lor...then after movies went for dinner and its home sweet home time lor....

Today at work super slack..hehe basically i kept zo bohing...nothing to do at all... coz of auditing ma... then it doesnt concern mi at all..hope tmr oso like dat hahaha....

Received a 50dollars vouchers from SOO KEE.. coz bd coming le ma.. but must buy the diamond Brilliant ROSE la..who wan to buy for mi...hehehe i tink i will just chuck it there..times like these still buy diamonds/// i dun even have the money to buy jade lor...hahaha...who want can tell mi i gif u ba..

Cant take it anymore im going to slp le..tmr will be going YMCA for bible study....thur might be miting the kitchen ware cousins...fri cg...sat go play pool...sun go bring BABY CHARLOTTE out for tim sum..yoohooo

With Love, 10:51 PM

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