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Thursday, October 20, 2005'♥


答应我 如果要离开我 请一定跟我说
我会祝福 让你走
如果没把握 不要说你爱我 这样是欺骗我

如果说 你还是爱着我
让我俩再从头 我会好好的把握
因为你是我 一生最爱的人
我真的舍不得 看着你 让你走
因为你是我 一生最爱的人

This song is by WU BAI.. suddenly like it veri much..due to the influence of AH BOY.. i didnt know the lyrics of this song until i heard it many times..

Nice lyrics.. especially this part...答应我 如果要离开我 请一定跟我说
我会祝福 让你走 如果没把握 不要说你爱我 这样是欺骗我 我的心儿好难受
i always tell all my bf.. at the starting of a relationship.. tat if one day u dun love mi le.. pls tell mi.. cause i dun like ppl to lie to mi..so far so good most of them tell mi..except for a few.. wads the pt of saying I LOVE YOU if u dun mean it anymore..guys are always guys...

Chatted wit lena at chillicrap...well ger u gotta be strong..nt the end of the world..shi lian onli ma.. i remember wad my cousin told mi.. in this world every min every sec dunno got how many ppl shi lian.. divorce... its not onli you onli..no point holding on to wad is nt urs anymore... i know wad i say rite now.. u might not have the mood to listen.. just remember tat my SOS hotline is 24-7 de....and oso i can be ur CHIVAS khaki hor..hehe..

Copy from LENA's blog....

Ten years ago, I was...
I was 11 yrs old.. just moved to tampines... trf to a new sch..had good fren like shanni, liyi, shihui...all dunno die where le.. haha always go to the library and fight for the "baby sitter and Sweet Valley" books...a gong gong nerd...

Five years ago, I......
I was 17 yrs old then.. chao ah lian.. having o levels.. out of 150 days attendance onli attend 100 days.. wad u tink.. always run away from sch..smoke and smoke and smoke.. failed maths everytime...shit who is my bf then... wait ah i tink...hmmm...i tink dun have lei.. haiz so ke lian rite.. went out wit angel all the time to play pool... chiong sparks..woohoo..hahah those were the days....

One year ago, I......
was in ITE.. projects projects and still projects...but i love the school.. knew IVAN and its the most regrettful relationship i ever had.. backslided for awhile.. and always chiong chinablack wit baobei they all... celebrated my bd wit the seven sisters...sweetzz...went back church.. and stopped smoking le...

Yesterday, I was........
in KTV wit Samson and Shufen.. enojoyed myself alot.. he called mi.. and we chatted... ah boy had a bad day... talked to him until 2plus...

Five snacks I enjoy...(mine are all junk foods..oops)
- Chocolates!
- Cheese Cakes!
- Elcair
- French fries..yummy
- ice cream la of coz

Five songs I know all the words to...
- Yong qi by fish leong..close eyes oso can sing
- Qi qing liu yu by lee le jun...
- Bei ai de nu ren...by coco lee...
- Ai wo de ren he wo ai de ren..another close eyes song haha..
- Ai wo de zi ge..by SHE

Five Things I Would Do With A Million Dollars......
- Buy a car.. BMW SERIES 3 woohoo..
- Buy a CONDO.. for me and my parents to live more comfortably
- Treat my frens to dinner
- Go other country like Maldives, Australia to enjoy
- Save for a rainy day...hehe open a fixed deposit account...buy shares

Five Bad Habits.....
- Spend money like water..haiz. haiz..
- Too sensitive(same as lena..maybe we dun have security??)
- Too soft hearted le...
- Like to drink too much...

Five Biggest Joys......
- To be a child of GOD
- To have both my parents with mi..
- To have good cousins...woohoo Cousin rocks
- Still need to say meh.. got good frens who love and care for mi
- Able to not work and still got money.. as if lor...

Five Favourite Toys......
- My Bubu Piglet...
- My bear on my hp
- Piglets still piglets..coz they are all ard my hse...

Five Place I Would Run Away To........
- A retreat to Villa Wellness.. opps i mean to spa la..
- Maldives...
- California
- Taiwan
- My eternal home.. Heaven

Five Fav TV Shows......
- Guess guess guess..
- Shi zi lu kou..so long nv watch le i miss it..
- Yu le bai fen bai....
- no more liao seldom watch tv nowadays.. working is like dat de no life..

Five things I would never wear...
- sleeveless la.. u tink i got small arms ah..
- Tube la.. onli when i slim down le hahha.. fat hope
- Wonder bra..lao niang still need meh..haha.
- Super MINI skirts..nonoonoo
- Veri veri high heels.. hais scare i sprain my back again ahaa...

Five Fictional Characters I Would Date......
- Harry potter la...then i want to take the invisible cloak from him
- Xiao Xin.. and smack his face..for being so naughty
- Oorlando Bloom.. handsome man...omg
- Piglet...wooohoo tell him how much i love him
- Doraemon...take out all the things from his pocket and dump him whahaha

Five people I tag.....
- Tupperware
- Lena
- Xiao han
- Ah jin
- Pekhar

With Love, 9:08 PM

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