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Tuesday, October 18, 2005'♥

Thanks peeps for the care and concern...im feeling better le...

What is meant to be urs will eventually be urs.. no point crying over spilled milk rite??

Well.. today had been not a bad day for mi.. coz chai chee side came over alot of ppl.. coz of the stupid BCP exercise.. saw bennie, cindy, wendy they all.. woohoo and we chatted so long..everyone no mood to work le wor.. and its like going back to chai chee man...how i miss Ramlee, Chitra they all...life in tampines is ok nowdays.. ive gotten used to it le.. and oso the WITCH is treating mi better le...wads the cause of the sudden change?? i oso dunno hahaa.. anyway i no longer drag myself to work everyday ...tats a good sign rite??

Well well i just got back from gym just now.. veri shiok wor.. a good way of releasing stress and unhappiness..was there wit sufen... ya she's a good companion...i tink tmr i will kanna the power of those muscle cramp ba..hehe... anyway i tink i will be able to slp better ba tonite.. hopefully ah boy dun call mi in the middle of the nite and asked mi to send songs to him.. duhz.. tats wad happen yst nite.. i tried so hard to slp.. and after one hr....

AH boy called...duhz.. he asked mi to send him the few songs he wanted veri long liao...wanted to upload to his phone.. i kept telling him how zhou gong wants to chat wit mi..but he dun care..so here i am rite in front of the computer desk helping him to dl the songs..yawns... and i hate those website.. when u dl le..its a differnt song shit them lor..i patiently teached him how to receive songs....how to rename the songs..how to copy to the memory card folder...yes i realli realli veri patiently teached him tat.. coz he didnt had a high education and i know he veri pek chek wit himself oso...causing so much trouble to mi... but nvm la..tats wad frens are for rite...in the end i slept at 3.30...pengs... so if u strike toto liao..si ah boy better dun forget mi hor.....ai dai liam hor...

Well these few days i was tinking of how to celebrate my beloved 21st bd.. u onli live once rite..so might as well celebrate it..although it had not been a really good yr for mi..but suan le la.. move on shirley..

Tadah!!! in the end after some consideration i decided to hold my celebration in KTV...those VIP rooms..told ah boy abt it..and he said he will go de..and will ask "him" along.. then i keep quiet..and he said pls la.u all can still be frens rite??? dun ask mi tat qns i myself oso dunno

anyway ah boy's sis is wking at a ktv in serangoon garden..there the liquour veri cheap de.. but i dunno can hold so many ppl ma..coz i might invite 50ppl...dun get shocked...50 is when i tried to take away alot of ppl liao le... i still dunno the confirmed ppl.. but roughly abt there ba.. shared wit lena abt this..and she is so helpful..help mi to find kbox and partyworld info... ya kbox is not tat bad...saw their room before veri big...onli thing is the liquour part..their chivas veri de ex wor.. i had oredi emailed the manager... hopefully he can gif mi a quotation soon... the best is tat we can bring in our own liquour..then i will go DFS and buy my beloved chivas back hehe...

Hopefully everything turns out well ba...coz the idea is still veri vague...frens who have lobang on cheap and nice ktv must tell mi ok... those who confirm know u will be going de..better help mi in planning hor..hehe..

Gotta slp le.. crossed fingers tat ah boy wont call mi....and i did a veri stupid thing today... but i nv regret coz u ONLI LIVE ONCE... at least i TRIED....

With Love, 10:34 PM

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