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Saturday, October 01, 2005'♥

No matter how busy, how tired i am and of course how lazy i am..i will nv forget abt my beloved cousin de...

Dear Tupperware,

I read ur blog...and it hurts me to see you cry(seriously La)..although i might be joking everytime like a fool.. all of u..yes i mean all my family memebers means much to me... i understand the trials u are going thru..where other ppl of ur age are enjoying their lives like nobody's business... but through all these i believe u will turn to be someone mature and understanding..this might be a good stepping stone for you in the future..

No matter how depressed you are.. We, yes i mean we include wawa and me..are always here for you..feel free to share ur problems wit us.. wan cry all cry together ma...there sure will be a solution.. and by accompanying ur mum at home.. ur are oredi helping her to cure her lonliness..so u are not useless ok???

See now laoniang got backache coz of my new love i still struggled to write to u all these....

Remember all these is ur attitude... ur attitude towards life determines what kind of person u are... and yes u've scored full marks in our heart...

The greatest disability in life is a bad attitude..

Lastly.. "Problems are opportunities for God's miracles..."

Love kopisoh...Ur darling cousin

With Love, 10:28 AM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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