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Sunday, October 02, 2005'♥

My new love...

Woke up veri early today.. coz of someone.. wanted to blog then the web is down for maintenace..tks lor..now im going out liao then can blog..wad the...dun care la..let the person wait first lao niang been wanting to blog for so long...tis entry consist of the past few days event..so shld be veri long..ni men hao zi wei zhi ba..haha

woke up early coz of someone...literally means.. that someone woke mi up..who?? siang?? its my dear ah zhu..she yst stay over at my hse first time in our 8 yrs of friendship.. hmmm something happen btw her and her bf..ya my hse is refuge camp and its so happen tat the gong gong bf stayed near mi..so she went and find him but he's NOT AT HOME..well then here comes superwoman shirley..took a cab down from boonlay..luckily its subsidy haha.. and find her at voideck..217 ...reached there midnite liao.. no one was found..beginning to feel eerrie...coz tat block got ppl ahem before..called her cant get her..oh man..wad a fool i am..called charlotte mummy tat charlotte auntie went missing.. then finally she called mi back..tks lei after some communication..its 227...diaos...how blur can she be..so superwoman shirley fly..i mean walk all the way and find her there...and brought her to her cosy home to stay over...

keep complaining my hse hot..come on lor lao niang been staying like dat for past 21 yrs..haiz..so ke lian rite.. too spoilt liao...slap her face then she know...hahha so here we are chatting and chatting.. until 5plus..and at 7plus she went home..hope she's fine now ba....

oh well the car is horning now.. im going down le..fren waiting..so blog again tonite..buay buay

With Love, 2:53 PM

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