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Saturday, October 08, 2005'♥

Im tired...wit beads of sweats on my forehead...coz im baking cookies again...yaya...thou shall nv stop trying...so here we are second time of baking... i feel like a housewives nowadsays..tat day just cooked dinner and now baking...wad will be next??haha

anyway cookies turned out quite well...as for the pics..sorry im too lazy to upload it..will upoload it someother days...ya it turn out well and im happy this time round coz ive improved wor..nanananana si ah jin and tat pekhar..I PROVE U WRONG LE!!!! hahah...gonna bring it to church and let my frens eat...ah jin..u want?? xiang de mei ba..who asked u suan mi tat day..haahaha

I slept at 5.30 this morning...was chatting wit someone...oh yes u dun gif mi tat look..im not going to leave tat club ok?? its been two days it seems like we have endless topics to chat abt..and he always like to scared mi wit stupid stuff like..be careful wor..later u turn on ur tap got blood come out..SUPER LAME..but he realli brightens up my day....

Will be miting my beloved cousin xiao han later, going to catch a movie and dinner...and a stupid thing happen....

tat gong gong xiaohan told mi tat deuce bigalow got preview...so i went to book the tix..every thing done up nicely..we all tot yes today can watch there...and guessed wad when i receive the confirmation tix...the date is 12/10 tmd.... nv check properly we all tot its today de...walao...but nvm i shall mit her on thur again to watch tat...so today we are watch 40yr old virgin..tink its a comedy..better pray hard tat its nice....haha then after tat maybe go chill out or supper ba... wanna welcome xiao han back into the club...

let bygones be bygones ba....we still love u ok....and as for tat ah sao..shall mit up soon k... maybe u go watch movie wit us la...beside still got an empty seat ahhaha...

tmr miting baby charlotte family...so better pray hard tat it happens...i wanna eat my yummy tim sum at mirammar hotel..i tink i have recommmended so many ppl abt this..shiok boh...hehe...

tired le..gonna have a bath and then go church for service le...must put put more concealer to cover my panda eyes..hmmph so sad..hehe

With Love, 1:19 PM

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